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Z Transforms for the Embedded System Engineer
- T. Wescott - Wescott Design Services
Calculus Reference - All About Circuits
Triginometry Reference - All About Circuits
Algebra Reference - All About Circuits
Frequency Domain

Frequency Domain
- Wikipedia
Why Perform Frequency Analysis? - DLI Watchman
Frequency Domain Representation - Duke University
Concepts and the Frequency Domain - University of Berkley
Sound in the Frequency Domain - University of Delaware
The Fundamentals of Signal Analysis - Agilent Technologies/The Modal Shop - A booklet covering time, frequency, and modal domain analysis, FFT, sampling, digitizing, windowing, and more
Understanding Digital Signal Processing's Frequency's Domain - RF Design
Introduction to the Frequency Domain - National Instruments
Filtering in the Frequency Domain - Connexions
Also see Fourier Theory
Fourier Theory

Fourier Synthesis - Manfred Thole
Putting Fourier theory in focus - Edson da Costa Bortoni - ISA
An Intuitive Explanation of Fourier Theory - Steven Lehar - Harvard University

What are Fourier series? Basic introduction to Fourier series… - e-DSP
Fourier transform theory - Robyn Owens
Fourier Theory - U. H. Gerlach - Ohio State University
Fourier analysis - Wikipedia
Fourier Transform - Math World

Tables of Fourier Transforms (and more) - eqWorld
Fourier Theory - Dr. A D Marshall - Cardiff University
Fourier Series Applet - Joel Feldman - University of British Columbia
An Introduction to Fourier Theory - Forrest Hoffman - Laboratoire De Meterologie Dynamique
Daqarta for DOS - Interstellar Research

Nyquist Plots

Nyquist Plot - Wikipedia
The Nyquist Stability Criterion - E. J. Mastascusa - Bucknell University

Using Bode' Plots To Evaluate Stability With The Nyquist Stability Criterion - E. J. Mastascusa - Bucknell University
The Nyquist Plot - D. Davis - ProSoundWeb
Frequency Response Analysis and Design - Carnegie Mellon University
Nyquist Plots and Stability Analysis in the Frequency Domain - Purdue University

Nyquist Stability Criterion - Rutgers
Nyquist Stability Criterion - University of Nevada
Tutorial on Using Excel Spreadsheet to Obtain Bode Plots and Nyquist Plots - Tomas B. Co - Michigan Technological University
Loop Analysis - Montefiore Institute



Relative Stability - E. J. Mastascusa - Bucknell University

Stability - Purdue University

Control System Stability - Roymech
Control Systems/Stability - Wikibooks
Analyzing Control System Robustness - D. Simon - Clevland State University
Robust Control Theory - L. Rollins - Carnegie Mellon University

Robust control - Wikipedia
Root Locus Tutorial - University of Michigan
Root locus - Wikipedia
An Introduction To The Root Locus - Bucknell
The root-locus method - Ruhr-Universität Bochum

Control Systems/Root Locus - Wikibooks
The Root Locus - Swarthmore College
Simple Technique for Root Locus Plotting - M. Sywiak/M. Castro - Sociedad Mexicana de Física
Root-Locus Analysis - Ruhr-Universität Bochum
Root Locus - More General Approach - California Polytechnic State University



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