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Glossary of Terms Used in Programmable Controller Based Systems
- Industrial Text and Video


PLC Tools, Tables, and Calculators

Number Conversion Table - SearchEng
Hex Binary Decimal Octal Converter with Scientific Calculator
Numbering Systems and Data Types - Automation Direct


Online PLC Books, Tutorials, & Portals

Programmable Controllers: Theory and Implementation
Programable Electronic Controller (PLC) - Ice Web
Programmable Logic Controllers Tutorial - Eaton - Accompanying exam
PLCopen programming resources - PLCopen - Numerous online articles and power point presentations relating to programming

Automation Manufacturing Systems with PLC's - Grand Valley State University/Hugh Jack. This book is a thorough and comprehensive PLC resource. It was updated in January 2005 and has been downloaded over 88,000 times. Be patient, it is a big file that takes time to download but it is worth the wait. - A website loaded with PLC information including forums, articles, etc - A PLC site complete with tutorial and other PLC related resources
The PLC Man - A basic tutorial on PLC's and much more
Basics of PLC's, - Siemens - A clear, illustrated introductory courses geared for those new to the industry.
PLC Primer - Industrial Text and Video - The basics of PLC's



Free PLC simulation Software
- Triangle Research
PLC Tutorials
- Global Automation
Primer on programmable controllers
- T. Hughes - Intech - Nov 2007

Programming models optimize control software - R. Kulkarni - National Instruments/Motion System Design
What is A PLC? - Institute of Systems & Robotics/University of Coimbra
Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) - Krono Tech
What Is A Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)? - AMCI
Documenting Control Systems - SearchEng

DCS or PLC, What is the Difference - Instrumentation Engineer
Introduction to PLC controllers - Micro Electronica - A seven chapter online book covering basic concepts, interfacing, architecture, and programming compete with examples.
Programmable Logic Controller Language
- Curtin University of Technology
Basic Introduction to PLCs
- Koldwater Technologies
Online PLC Simulator -

Make your own PLC Reliably - D. Hollenbeck - SoftPLC Corporation
Documenting PLC Software
- SearchEng
PLC Programming Examples - SearchEng
PLC Basics - PLCdev
What is a PLC - Schneider Electric -(See on link in left side bar)

Maintenance Management of your company's PLC
- Business Industrial Network
Documenting Control Systems
- SearchEng
PLC Programming Examples: Controlling Motors - SearchEng
PLC Programming Examples: Controlling Valves - SearchEng
PLC Programming Examples:Tank Control Sequence - SearchEng

What Is A Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)?
Introduction to PLC's - SearchEng
"Considerations for Choosing a PLC"
Worksheet - Automation Direct
PLC Tips from the Tech Team - Automation Direct
Basic PLC Theory of Operation - Long Beach Inc

Welcome PAC: Moving on to the next generation controller - T. Walter (National Instruments) - ISA
Ladder Logic Programming for Programmable Logic Controllers - R. Gray - Transtronics
Computer Link Protocol - Transtronics
Introduction to IEC-61131 - W. Lydon
Motor control circuits - All about Circuits

Introduction to PLC's - SearchEng
IEC61131-3 - SearchEng
Programmable logic controller - Wikipedia
The History of the PLC - D. Morley/H. Hendricks
Programmable logic controllers - All About Circuits
Sinking and Sourcing Concepts - Automation Direct

A Peak at PLCs - Business Industrial Network
Programmable Logic Controllers - Keyence
Ladder Logic Programming for Programmable Logic Controllers - Transtronix
Connecting together all PLCs of different vendors in your facility - Business Industrial Network
Considerations for Choosing A PLC - Automation Direct

Programming Examples - Automation Direct
A Condensed Guide to Automation Control System Specification, Design and Installation - T. Elavsky - Automation Direct
  Part 1: System Identification and Safety
  Part 2: Control Device Specification

  Part 3: Design
  Part 4: Build, Launch & Maintain
Connecting 3-wire sinking and sourcing devices to PLC input modules - K. Schieber - Automation Direct
Motion Control System Choices - C. McDaniel - AutomationDirect

Watch out for Dead Ends, One Way Streets in Control Systems - Omron
Electrical Relay Diagram and P &ID Symbols - Industrial Text and Video
On the Programming of Industrial Computers - PLCopen - O. Maler - An analysis of software engineering issues applicable to PLCs & DCCs.
Electrical Relay Diagram and PID Symbols - Industrial Text and Video
Program and Documentation Worksheets - Industrial Text and Video - Blank Worksheets for use on your PLC project
Programmable Automation Controllers

Back the PAC - S. Herb & T. Walter - Intech / Sept 2007- An introduction to Programmable Auotmation Controllers (PACs)
Programmable automation controller
- Wikipedia
PAC/PLC Glossary - Opto 22
PAC Multimedia Presentation - National Instruments

Programmable Automation Controller - Opto 22
PACs for Industrial Control, the Future of Control - National Instruments
Programmable Automation Controllers - GE Fanuc
Understanding Programmable Automation Controllers in Industrial Automation - 22
Just What is A PAC? - L
. Paul - Managing Automation/Omron
IEC 61131
IEC 61131-3: a standard programming resource - PLCopen
Control your language - J. Feeley - Control Design
IEC 61131-3 (PLC Programming Languages) FAQ - Holobloc Inc.
IEC 61131-3 and its impact on the Process Controls Industry - Texas AWWA
IEC 61131 - Wikipedia

IEC61131-3 Programming Standard by R.W.Lewis - SearchEng Control & Instrumentation

What is IEC 1131? - Rockwell Automation

IEC6131-3 Features - SearchEng Control & Instrumentation

IEC61131 - Hugh Jack - Grand Valley State University (See page 2)
TC1 Standards - PLC Open

IEC 61131: A standard Programming Resource - PLC Open

PLC Open North America - User group

Relay Ladder Logic

PLC Ladder logic examples and programming tutorials - Machine Tool
Ladder Diagrams
- Global Automation
PLC Ladder Logic Examples with A-B PLC's
- Machine Tool
Ladder Logic - Machine Tool
Free Relay Ladder Logic Software - OATs - IEC 61131 - Download
- Ing.-Büro Dr. Friedrich Haase
Trilogic PLC Simulator - Triangle Research
Ladder logic - Wikipedia
Language barriers: Is ladder logic all you need?  - / S. Arnold, Schneider Electric - Plant Engineering / Oct. 2007 - This article suggests ladder logic isn't the only programming method to use!

Lessons In Electric Circuits: Ladder Logic - T. Kuphaldt /ibiblio
Basic Motors using Ladder Logic - Krono Tech
The Basics of Ladder Logic - R. Fehr - E C & M
Ladder Logic Basics - S. Vidal - E C & M
Relay Ladder Logic - Gary A. Mintchell - Control Engineering

Ladder logic: Strengths, weaknesses - T. Walter - Control Engineering
Ladder Logic Programming - Transtronics
Ladder Logic - High Tech Services
PLC Ladder Logic - Dr. H. Jack - Claymore Engineer
Ladder Logic - Seattle Robotics Society

Ladder Logic for PIC and AVR - Jonathan Westhues
A Peak at PLCs - Business Industrial Network
Ladder Rung Logic - Univesity of Tennessee at Martin
PLC Software Control: Soleniod Valves - SearchEng
Controlling Motors - SearchEng
Function Block Diagrams


Modeling Industrial Control Systems using the IEC 61499 Function Block Standard by R.W.Lewis
Function block diagram - Wikipedia
VisSim - Simulation software (free for academic use)
Function Block Diagrams - A. Veeramani & T. Walter - Control Engineering - July 2007
Function Block Programming - Hugh Jack - Claymore Engineer
IEC 61499 Function Block Standard - SearchEng
Development of Function Blocks Library for Safety Related Applications - L. de La Croix Guilliamat - University of Limerick
Function Block Introduction Guide - Omron



Sequential Function Charts
Sequential Function Charts - ControlDraw

Sequencial Function Chart
- Wikipedia
Sequential Function Charts - H. Jack/Claymore Engineer
IEC 1131 Sequential Function Charts - Rockwell Automation
Sequential Function Chart Programming - Sixnet
Sequential Function Charts - ControlDraw
Sequential Function Chart Language - Curtin University of Technology
Sequential Function Charts -
Sequential Function Chart (SFC) elements - plcopen
Sequential Function Charts - Aitcnet

Following are some popular manufacturers. If you know of others you would like to add, please contact us
* Indicates manufactuer received Control Magazine's Reader's Choice Award. Please refer to the complete survey in Control Magazine, Jan 2005).

*Rockwell Automation  
*Schneider Electric  
*Automation Direct  

For a complete product and manufacturer listing visit the ISA directory


Safety PLC

Examining the Benefits of a Safety PLC
- A. Mullis - Manufacturing Automation
Safety PLCs - M. Hoske - Control Engineering - Aug. 2005
Learn to Trust Safety PLCs - W. Goble -
Safety Terminology - Jokab Safety
Safety Glossary - Pilz

Directives & Standards - Jokab Safety - European Safety standards
Directives, Standards, & Laws -Pilz
Choosing the Safety Category - Jokab Safety
Machine Safety Applications FAQs - Banner Engineering
Manufacturing Automation Safety - R. Dombek - Graphic Products


Safety PLC suppliers/manufacturers

Jokab Safety
Rockwell Automation


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