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Gas Detection Glossary - Delphian

Analytical Glossary of Terms - GAS Analytical Systems


Tools, Tables, and Calculators

NIST Chemistry Web Book - NIST

Chemical Resistance Chart - Rosemount

Conductance Data For Commonly Used Chemicals - Rosemount



Surface Acoustic Wave Sensing - MSA
High Performance Liquid Chromatography ( HPLC ) Primer
- Waters
Sensor Technologies - Delphian
Sensors: Chemical / Gas Concentrations - Engineer's Handbook
Theory CO2 - Measurement - JLC International
Fundamentals of Infrared Spectroscopy - H. Phan - Midac
Chlorine Theory and Measurement - IC Controls

Conductivity Theory & Measurement
- IC Controls
Dissolved Oxygen - Illawarra
Conductivity - Illawarra
Conductivity - Cole Parmer
Conductivity Technical Information - Cole Parmer
Fundamental Infrared Spectroscopy - H. Phan - Midac

What is Conductivity and How Is It Measured - J. Novak - GLI International

Gas Analyzer - Honeywell

Notes on Turbidity and Suspended Solids - Arjay Engineering

Understanding and Monitoring Hydrocarbons - G. Reeves - Arjay Engineering

Analysis Fundamentals Training Book 2 - Click on Endress+Hausser and in their "Downloads" page accessed from the top bar on the home page, search for the title above. The trouble is definitely worth it if you want a very good resource about process analytical principles and equipment

Analytical Technical Reference - George Fischer Signet - pH, ORP, Conductivity/Resistivity, & Salinity

Principles of NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) - Process NMR Associates

Raman Spectroscopy Tutorial - Kaiser Optical Systems

Troubleshooting On-line pH and ORP Measurements - George Fisher Signet Inc - L. Meyers

Application Bulletin: ORP Measurements - Thornton


Gas Detection

Conversion Calculators
- Interscan Corporation
Gas Detection Glossary - Delphian

Infrared-Based Combustible Gas Detectors: How They Work and Why They're Better - Dr. J. Jarvis -
Gas Levels - Net Safety Monitoring
IR sensor physics - kT Sensor ( advertising feature)
Key Concepts in Gas Detection Systems - Scott Health & Safety

FAQ - kT Sensor
Principle of Operation - Delphian
Ten Things to Consider Before buying a Gas Monitor - JJS Technical Services
Combustable Gas Explosive Limits - RKI
Internatioal Codes & Standards DefiningAllowable Concentrations of Gases - Interscan

Photoacoustic Infrared Technology -MSA
Gas Detection: A Basic Guide - Analytics
Infrared Technology - General Monitors
How Electrochemical Sensors Work - SemiGasDetection
Hazardous Areas Gas Detection - Net Safety

Gas Leak Detector - Cimco
Electronic Halogen Leak Detector - Omega
Helium Leak Detection - Alcatel/Laco Technologies
Leak Detection Reference Guide - Laco Technologies
Ultrasonic Gas Leak Detection - Gassonic

Toxic gas leak detection - B. Rist - Intech/LookSmart
Fundamentals of Combustible Gas Detection - General Monitors
Infrared vs Catalytic Combustible Gas Detectors - General Monitors


Gas Chromatography

Gas Chromatography
- Sheffield Hallam University
Gas-liquid chromatography - Wikipedia
Gas Chromatography Detectors - Jounal of Chromatographic Science
Chrom-Ed Series - Library 4 Science
Gas Chromatography - Restek
Gas Chromatography (GC) - Virginia Tech
Introduction to Gas Chromatography - University of Michigan-Dearborn
Gas Chromatography - US EPA
Gas Chromatography - Wake Forest University
Gas Chromatography - University of Akron
Pricey is this process piece of equipment /W. Brown and S. McDougall - Intech / July 2007



pH Theory & Measurement - IC Controls
Temperature Compensation for pH Instruments - Cole Parmer
Differential pH measurements - B. Narayanan/S. Raghuraman - Eutech Instruments/Cole Parmer
Measurement of pH - Illawarra
What is pH and How Is It Measured - Hach
The Sometimes Maddening Science of pH Measurement
- R. Presley - American Laboratory/Hach
pH Control Systems: Six Options for Small System Operators - J. Novak - Water Conditioning & Purification/Hach

Theory and Practice of pH Measurement - Rosemount

pH Measurement - Cole Parmer

Typical Problems in Industrial pH Measurement & Control - Cole Parmer

Laboratory pH Electrodes - Cole Parmer
pH Electrode Theory - Cole Parmer
Spec Sheets (blank sheets to help spec your analyzer)

Gas Analyzer Application Data Sheet - GAS Analytical Systems

Mass Emission Compliance Monitor - GAS Analytical Systems

Thermox Analyser Application Data Sheet - GAS Analytical Systems

H2S Analyser Application Data Sheet - GAS Analytical Systems

Moisture Monitor Application Data Sheet -
GAS Analytical Systems



Following are some popular manufacturers. (Please see the complete survey in
Control Magazine, Jan 2005). If you know of others you would like to add, please contact us

Analyzers - Ambient Gas Detectors
Scott Bacharach  
Analyzers - Density/Concentration
Emerson Process - Micromotion  
Endress + Hauser  
Analyzers - Gas Chromatograph
Siemens - Applied Automation  
Analyzers - Humidity/Moisture/Water
GE Panametrics  
Thermo Fisher Scientific
Analyzers - pH/ORP/Conductivity
Emerson Process - Rosemount Analytical  
Invensys Foxboro  
GLI Hach - Danaher  
Endress + Hauser  
Mettler - Toledo  
Analyzers - Process Spectrometer
Analyzers - Stack Gas Emissions
Emerson Process - Rosemount Analytical  
Horiba Instruments  

For a complete product and manufacturer listing visit the ISA directory



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