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Fiber Optic Glossary - TT Electronics
Glossary -Lantronix
Laser & Fiber Optic Glossary - OKI Optical Components
Wireless Data Terms - Data Radio
Glossary - Campbell Scientific
Glossary of Connectivity Terms - L-com
Glossary - Acromag

Networking Terms and Definitions - Pulse Engineering
Test and Measurement Glossary - Test and Measurement
Technical IT Glossary - SENA
Fiber optic Glossary - TT Electronics
Fieldbus Glossary of Terms - Fieldbus Online

Glossary - Contemporary Controls
Glossary of Terms - B & B Electronics
The Ethernet Buzzword Guide - B & B Electronics
Automation and Real-time Computing Terms - BBDSoft
Glossary - Moxa

  Tools, Tables, and Calculators  


Fiber Optic Power Budget Calculations - Honeywell
Datacom & Telecom Protocol Structures - Test and Measurement
Number Base Convertor - Lakeview Christian Academy



Industrial switches: fact and fiction - SA Instrumentation & Control
Digital Signals
- Samson
Communication Networks
- Samson
Communication in the Field -Samson

Control Techniques - Emerson Industrial Automation
Fieldbus Portal
- Steinhoff

Looking behind the automation protocols - The Industrial Ethernet Book
Industrial RF Communication Techniques - Honeywell/ControlGlobal
Bridge, Switch, and Router Basics
- S. Bradner / TechOnline

Network Switching - Lantronix
10BaseT and 100baseT - Making Your Own Cables - Transtronics
Process Automation -
Transformers for Communications - Pulse Engineering
Communication Protocols - SENA
Fieldbus Technology - Burkert Fluid Control

A Comprehensive Guide to Industrial Networks Part I - Sensors Online
A Comprehensive Guide to Industrial Networks Part II - Sensors Online
A Comprehensive Guide to Industrial Networks Part III - Sensors Online
Evaluating Fieldbus Networks - Hart Communication Foundation
Fieldbus Comparison Chart - Grid Connect

Industrial Automation Communications & Networks - HighTechServices
Network Information & Comparisons - Grid Connect Inc
Industrial Networking & Communications - High Tech Services
Plantweb University Engineering School -Emerson Process Management
Romilly's HART® and Fieldbus Web Site - Romilly Bowden

Rob's Fieldbus Pages - Rob Hulsebos
Fieldbus Portal, Comparison and Useful Links - Steinhoff Automation & Fieldbus Systems
How do I catch the Fieldbus? - Jim Pinto
Industrial Automation Networking: 2004 and Beyond -Sensors Online
Recommended Standards for RS Data Communications - Dataforth


4-20 ma Current Loop


4-20 mA Current Loop Configurations - BAPI
Understanding 4 - 20 mA Current Loops - BAPI
Designing 4-20 mA Current Loops -BAPI
Current Loop Application Note - B & B Electronics
4-20 mA Transmitters - Dataforth




ASCII Code Table -
ASCII Character Table - BBDsoft
ASCII Character Set - Test and Measurement




AS Interface Tutorial - Industrial Automation - Look under the tutorials section near the bottom of the page and download an excellent tutorial on the AS interface

AS-i Frequently Asked Questions - AS-I Expert Alliance (Also see drop down menu under "What is AS-I")




BACnet Tutorials - ASHRAE SSPC 135
BACnet: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions - ASHRAE SSPC 135
BACnet - Wikipedia
Fundamentals of BACnet - Polar Soft
BACnet Protocol - FieldServer Technologies
BACnet Articles - Alerton



CANOpen: Basic Principles and Use in Measurement Systems - HBM
CAN Basics: Part 1 - Renesas Interactive/TechOnline
CAN Basics: Part 2 - Renesas Interactive/TechOnline

CAN (Controller Area Network): Introduction and Fundamentals -
CAN (Controller Area Network) - Kvaser
The Controller Area Network (CAN) - M J Schofield.
CAN in Automation
Controller Area Network - Introduction - IXXAT
AutomationGmbHCANopen - Introduction - IXXAT AutomationGmbH - ESA Academy -ESA Academy
CANopen Overview And Description - Gridconnect
CAN bus Communication - National Instruments

What is CC-Link
- CC-Link Partner Association
What is CC-Link - CC-Link Partner Association North America
Introduction to CC-Link - CC-Link European Portal

CC-Link Safety - CC-Link Partner Association North America
CC-Link Specification - CC-Link European Portal
Features of CC-Link - CC-Link European Portal
CC-Link - Control and Communication Link - HMS Industrial Networks
CC-Link Partners Association - CBI



ControlNet - ControlNet International
ControlNet Network - Rockwell Automation
ControlNet Overview And Description - Gridconnect
Controlnet -



How to Select and Develop a DeviceNet Network - MKS
DeviceNet - Introduction - IXXAT AutomationGmbH
DeviceNet Introduction - Real Time Automation
DeviceNet Technical Overview - ODVA
DeviceNet Troubleshooting Guide - Turck
DeviceNet Tutorial- Eaton - with Accompanying Exam
DeviceNet Overview And Description - Gridconnect
DeviceNet Network - Rockwell Automation
How to select and develop a DeviceNet network: - MKS


Harting Industrial Ethernet Book  

Harting is offering this book on industrial ethernet to industry personnel. Request your copy by sending an e-mail to

Ethernet Pulls Motion Together - Motion Control Online
What is Gigabit Ethernet?
- Stealth Computer
Review of LAN Topologies for industrial Ethernet, Part I
- J.. Wong and T. Ngo, National Semiconductor/Industrial Control Design Line
DCS-style Ethernet systems require true redundancy - J. Berge - SMAR/The Industrial Ethernet Book
Ethernet for industrial communication
- Safety Network International

How Ethernet Works
- How Stuff Works
Gigabit Ethernet -Cisco
Introduction to Real Time Ethernet I - DataLink Communications
Introduction to Real Time Ethernet II - DataLink Communications
How to Make Ethernet Devices Wireless - Sealevel

The ABC's of Power over Ethernet - Contemporary Controls
Ethernet - L-com
What is Gigabit Ethernet? - Stealth Computer Corp
Introduction to Ethernet - SENA
Industrial Ethernet University - Industrial Ethernet University
Industrial Ethernet Basics - B & B Electronics
Charles Spurgeon's Ethernet Web Site - Charles Spurgeon

Ethernet and TCP/IP for Industrial Automation - Opto 22
Ethernet FAQ - Opto 22
How Ethernet Works -howstuffworks
Ethernet - PC Lube & Tune
Technical Articles - The Online Industrial Ethernet Book
The ABC's of Ethernet Troubleshooting - Contemporary Controls


Ethernet I/P

- Siemon
An Overview of EtherNet/IP™ - Real Time Automation
Introduction to Ethernet IP - Acromag
Ethernet/IP - Rockwell Automation
Ethernet/IP -
Ethernet/IP - HMS
EtherNet/IP Library - ODVA
EtherNet/IP - Wikipedia
Technical Article: Ethernet I/P - Industrial Ethernet Book


Fiber Optics


Fiber Optics Glossary - Gould
Glossary of Technical Terms - Corning
Fiber Optic Glossary
- Timbercon

Fiber optic tools - Timbercon
Fiber Optic Budget Calculations - Honeywell
History of Fiber Optics - Timbercon
Fiber Optics Tech Talk - SensorNet
Fiber Optics Tutorial - SciLinks

Fiber Optics - L-com
Fiber Optic Cable Installation - Belden
How Fiber Optics Work - C. Freudenrich, Ph.D. - How Stuff Works
The Fiber Optic Association

The Fiber Guide - A learning tool for fiber optic technology - CSI
Fiber-Optic Technology - IEC: International Engineering Consortium
Resources - Fiber Optics LAN Section
Fiber 101 - Corning
Technical Library - Corning




USB vs FireWire - Stealth Computer Corp
Firewire Ready for Instrument and Control Applications - Keithley - G. Sakmar


Foundation Fieldbus

Fieldbus Technical Information
- Yokogawa
Foundation Fieldbus: A Tutorial - Yokogawa

Foundation Fieldbus Overview - National Instruments
Fieldbus Technical Information - Relcom Inc
Fieldbus Wiring Guide - Relcom

Foundation Fieldbus - Control Global
Foundation Fieldbus
- Samson

The Foundation Fieldbus Primer
- Fieldbus Inc. - An introduction to the basic principles of foundation fieldbus.
FieldBus Application Guides - Fieldbus Online
Foundation FieldBus Overview And Description - Gridconnect
Plantweb University Engineering School - Emerson Process Management
Building Better Open Networks Using Foundation Fieldbus and OPC - Sensors Online




VXI, PXI, or GPIB: Which to Use? - Keithley - A. Toth



Hart Communications - Samson
Hart Troubleshooting Guide
- Meriam Process Technologies
Hybrid Communication: A Closer Look at HART - Control Engineering

HART Protocol Overview - Hart Communication Foundation
Benefits - Hart Communication Foundation
Top 10 Misperceptions about HART Technology - Hart Communication Foundation
The Hart Book - GGH Marketing Communications Ltd.
Plantweb University Engineering School -Emerson Process Management




Terms and Definitions - Interbus Club
Interbus Technical Overview - Interbus Club
Competitive Comparisons - Interbus Club
Interbus Advantages - Interbus Club
Basics of Interbus - Phoenix Contact
Interbus - Wikipedia
The Grid Connect Fieldbus Comparison Chart - Grid Connect
Industrial Technologies: Interbus - Anybus



Modbus - Global Automation

eLearning Module Overview of Modbus TCP/IP -Yaskawa
Modbus RTU Protocol Overview - FieldServer Technologies
Free Modbus Simulator and test Software -
Introduction to Modbus TCP/IP - Acromag
Introduction to Modbus - SENA

Modbus-IDA - Modbus-Ida (Click on Modbus Standard Library in upper left sidebar)
Modicon Modbus Protocol Reference Guide - University of Michigan
Modbus Protocol - Schneider Electric
Modbus Protocol Basics - Eurotherm


OPC Links - Iconics Inc.
OPC Specifications - Iconics Inc.
What is OPC - OPC Foundation
OPC Tutorials - Matrikon OPC
Dictionary of Terms - Matrikon OPC

OPC White Papers - Matrikon OPC
History of OPC - OPC Programmer's Connection
Understanding OPC: Basics for New Users by R. Kondor - The Online Industrial Ethernet Book
OLE for Process Control OPC - High Tech Services

OSI 7 Layer Model
The 7 Layers of the OSI Model - Webopedia
OSI 7 Layer Model Tutorial - PC Network Advisor
OSI 7 Layers Reference Model For Network Communication - Javvin
ISO OSI 7 Layer Model forced with TCP/IP - Passwall

The OSI 7 Layer Model for Network Protocol - Dr. A Marshall/Cardiff School of Computer Science
OSI Model Layers - Grant Wilson
The OSI Model - R. Haden /Data Network Resource
OSI Seven Layer Model - High Tech Services




Parallel Port Explained- B & B Electronics



ProfiBus Technical Description
- Profibus International
ProfiNet Technical Description - Profibus International
Introduction to Profibus DP - Acromag

Profinet CBA Overview - Real Time Automation
Profinet IO Overview - Real Time Automation
Profibus International - Profibus
ProfiBus Overview And Description - Gridconnect
Profibus Protocol - Smar


Profibus PA
Profibus PA - Profibus International
Profibus PA - Samson
Fundamentals of Profibus PA Networks - Krohne
Profibus PA Introduction - Smar
Profibus PA - Pepperl & Fuchs
A Guide to Troubleshooting Profibus PA Networks - PTO
Profibus PA - Procentec
Profibus PA Cable - Hi-Tech Controls Inc
Profibus PA User & Installation Guide - Siemens

Broken Links




Technical Description - PI International
Glossary - PI International
Download Area - PI International
FAQ - PI International
Profinet - The industrial Ethernet Book
Profinet - Ixxat

Profinet I/O Overview - RTA
Industrial Technologies: Profinet - HMS
Profinet IO - Wikipedia
Distributing Control with Ethernet and TCP/IP - J. Rinaldi & P. Marshall -
Profinet CBA -ifak system




RFID Technology in Brief - UPM Rafsec
RFID Glossary - RFID
RFID System Frequency Ranges - RFID
Basic components of an RFID system - IDTechEx
RFID tag type options - IDTechEx
RFID Basics: The RFID Tag - RFID Solutions Online - Requires free registration to download


Safetynet P
SafetyBus p hops aboard Ethernet bandwagon - Drives & Controls
SafetyNET p – Safe integration - Pilz
SafetyNet p: open, real-time industrial Ethernet safety bus - Control Design/ Pilz
SafetyBUS p moves onto Ethernet - The Industrial Ethernet Book


Introduction to SERCOS interface - Sercos Interface
SERCOS-III - Hilscher
Sercos Basics - Danaher Motion

SERCOS-III combines real-time and Ethernet - Industrial Networking
Ethernet motion technology: The SERCOS interface - The Industrial Ethernet Book
Sercos History - Sercos Interface
Technical Short Description (SERCOS I & II) - Sercos Interface
Sercos III - Sercos Interface




Intro to Serial Communications - Tal tec
Interfacing RS232 instruments to a TCP/IP network - Tal Tec

Serial Data Transmission - Samson
Fundamentals of RS-232 Communicaions
- Dallas Semiconductors
Introduction to Serial Communications - TalTech
Overview of Serial Communication Standards - Sealevel
Choosing Serial I/O for Control Networks - Sealevel

RS232 Connections - AirBorn Electronics
RS-232 Pin out - Data Link Communications
RJ45 Pin out - Data Link Communications

The Art and Science of RS-485 - Global Detection Systems
Introduction to Serial Communication

Overview of RS-232 and RS-485 serial communications - National Semiconductor (audio/video presentation)
Getting From Here to There: Serial Communications Systems - B & B Electronics
RS232, RS422 and RS485 Transmission Standards - Eurotherm
Port Powered Serial Converter FAQ - B & B Electronics
RS232 Connections That WORK! - B & B Electronics

Basics of the RS-485 Standard - B & B electronics
Troubleshooting Guide for RS-485 - B & B Electronics
The RS-485 Cheat Sheet - B & B Electronics
RS-422/485 Application Note - B & B Electronics
Tips for Success in Using RS-485 Data Communications - B & B Electronics

Polarities for Differential Pair Signals (RS-422 and RS-485) - B & B Electronics
Cable Selection for RS-422 and RS-485 Systems - B & B Electronics
Recommended Standards for RS Data Communications - Dataforth


  Structured Cabling  


Structured Cabling Systems - B & B Electronics




A very basic overview of TCP/IP communications - TalTech
An Introduction to TCP/IP - PC Lube and Tune/Yale Univeristy
Internet protocol suite - Wikipedia

TCP/IP - Cisco
TCP / IP Suite -
An Overview of TCP/IP Protocols and the Internet - G. Kessler
TCP/IP Tutorial - W3Schools



USB vs FireWire - Stealth Computer Corp
The Pluses and Pitfalls of USB DAQ - Keithley -J. Tucker
FAQ's on USB (Universal Serial Bus) - B & B Electronics
The USB (Universal Serial Bus) Solution - B & B Electronics
USB: Adaptable for Industrial Applications - B & B Electronics








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