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Glossary - Athena
eAutomationPro Glossary - eAutomationPro

Definitions of Commonly Used Terms Used in Heating, Sensing and Controlling - Watlow - The pdf is a good glossary of control terms.



PID Controller Laboratory

  Free tools for on-line PID controller tuning  



Controllers and Controlled Systems - Sampson
Considerations for Control Systems Part One: Process Parameters
- D. Capano - DTS/Water & Wastewater

Artificial Intelligence ...Within 
- Control Engineering
Don't Let Heater Control Get You Steamed - Chemical Processing

Controllers and Controlled Systems
Control Systems 2003
- Dr. Illingworth - University of Leeds
Multivariable Control - Dr. M. J. Willis - University of Newcastle upon Tyne Which Tuning Method Should You Use? - T. Kinney and J. Gerry -

The Components of a Control Loop -ControlGuru
Loop Tuning Fundamentals - V. VanDoren - Control Engineering - July 2003
Control Strategies: Selective Control Systems - Techmation
Feedback and Temperature Control - C. Williams - University of Exeter
Model Based Tuning Methods for PID Controllers - Business Industrial Network

Manually Tuning Your Controller - TTI Instruments
Dead-Band or Hysteresis in Control loops - Transtronics
Controller Operation - Newport
Ratio Control - Honeywell
Ratio Control - Eurotherm/Arthur Holland

Duplex Time Proportional Controls - Honeywell
Characteristics of Controllers - Honeywell
Process Characteristics - Honeywell
Control Information from John Shaw - John Shaw
Selection of Temperaure Control - Ogden (At the Ogden web page click on article title in in left sidebar, 7th from top)

Competencies - An excellent discussion of control loops, controllers, and valves - Burkert Fluid Control
Process Control Articles, Software Reviews - ExperTune - A comprehensive collection of process control articles and resources
Buying a Temperature Controller - Eurotherm Controls/Arthur Holland - A discussion of basic controller specifications
Temperature Control - RKC Instrument - A discussion of On/Off & PID control

  Adaptive Control  
Adaptive Control - Wikiedia
Robust Adaptive Control - Dr. P. Loannou - University of Southern California (BIG pdf -slow download)
Model-Free Adaptive (MFA) Control - CyboSoft
What is adaptive control? - Technical University of Denmark
Adaptive controllers work smarter, not harder - Dr. V. VanDoren - Control Engineering
High Speed Model Free Adaptive Control - Dr. G. Cheng - Industrial Embedded Systems

Batch Control

Batch S88 Standard Overview
ANSI/ISA S88 Standard -
S88.01 Tutorial -
Selling S88 -
Introduction to S95 -
ISA-95 Knowledge Center - ISA

WBF Library - World Batch Forum
  •S88 for Beginners - C. Johnson - Lund University/World Batch Forum
  S88 for End Users - L. Craig - Manufacturing Automation Associates/World Batch Forum
   S88 for Production Managers - L. Craig - Manufacturing Automation Associates/World Batch Forum
   S88 for Researchers and Scientists - Z. Verwater-Lukszo - Delft University of Technology/World Batch Forum
   S88 for Sales People - B. Scholten - TWP Training/World Batch Forum
   S88 for Universities - C. Johnson - Lund University/World Batch Forum
ANSI/ISA-88.01-1995 Batch Control Part 1: Models and Terminology (Formerly ANSI/ISA-S88.01-1995) - Buy it from ISA
Understanding S88 Batch Control - Rockwell Automation
Should you implement ISA S88 batch controls standards? - Rovisys
ISA S88: 11 Benefits - Rovisys

  Cascade Control  
Cascade Control
- Control Information from John Shaw
Cascade Control - Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
Cascade Control on Distillation Units - The Distillation Group

Cascade Control - McMaster University
Parallel Cascade Control - University of Newcastle Upon Tyne
Cascade Control - Georgia Oven Company
Cascade Control - Honeywell
Cascade Control - Eurotherm/Arthur Holland

Distributed Control Systems
Distributed Control Systems Primer - D. Capano - DTS/Water & Wastewater
Distributed Control System - Wikipedia
Distributed Control System (DCS) - PAControl
What is a Distributed Control System? - Yahoo
DCS or PLC, What is the Difference - Instrumentation Engineer
  Feed Forward  
Feed Forward Control
- Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
Feed-forward - Wikipedia
Guidelines for Choosing feedforward Control in Industrial Applications - ApICS LCC
Predictive Feedforward Control - Honeywell

Feed-Forward Control - McMaster University
Variations on Basic Feedback Control - Edinburgh University
Feedforward Control - Reimund Stadler Minerva Center
Feedforward Control - Technical English - Spanish Vocabulary
Cascade vs Feed Forward for Improved Distrubance Rejection - D. Cooper, R. Rice, J. Arbogast - University of Connecticut

Fuzzy Logic

Fuzzy Logic
- Wikipedia
Fuzzy Logic Tutorial - Seattle Robotics Society
Fuzzy Logic for "Just Plain Folks" -
Fuzzy Logic - Carnegie Mellon School of Computer Science
A brief course in Fuzzy Logic and Fuzzy Control - University of Strathclyde
Fuzzy Systems - A Tutorial - J. Brule- Austin City Links
Tutorial on Fuzzy Logic - Chemical Processing
  Lambda Tuning  

Should You be Using Lambda Tuning
- J. Gerry - ExperTune
Lambda Tuning as a Promising Controller Tuning Method for the Refinery - T. Olsen & B. Bialkowski - Entech Control/ Emerson Process Management
Lambda tuning – how is it calculated? -
Maintaining Control Loop Performance - Lambda Controls
A Better Blend - F. McCormack - Chemical Processing

Model Predictive Control
Limitations of Model Predictive Control - A. Hugo - Control Arts
Model predictive control - Wikipedia
Model-predictive control looks to the future - V. VanDoren - Control Engineering (Free site registration may be requred)

Model Predictive Controller - L. Gordon - Control Engineering
Meeting the challenge of complexity - Intech
Model Predictive Control Course - J.J van den Boom/C.BAckx - Delft Centre for Systems and Control
Model Predictive Control - Dr. A. Bemporad - Università di Siena
An Overview of Industrial Model Predictive Control Technology - S. Qin/T. Badgwell - Rice University/University of Texas at Austin



Adjusting PID Gains - T. Bullock - Control Technology
PID and Servos - T. Bullock - Control Technology
PID without a PhD: A Simple Software Controller Design Method - T. Wescott - Wescott Design Services
Control Laws
- Alex Brown's Robotics Page
PID Controller Laboratory - Free tools for on-line PID controller tuning

PID Controller - University of Michigan
What Is PID—Tutorial Overview - ExperTune
PID Controllers Explained - J. Smuts, Plant Automation Services/Canadian Process Equipment and Control News
Temperature Control - RKC Instrument - A discussion of on/off, proportional, integral, and derivative temperature control.
PID Loop Tuning Pocket Guide - Controlsoft Inc

PID Control and Control Tuning Techniques - Eurotherm Controls/Mitchell Carr - A thorough description of PID control and tuning techniques
PID Control Technical Notes - ISE Inc
Demystifying PID Tuning Coefficients - Chemical Processing
Tuning of Fuzzy PID Controllers - Chemical Processing

Stand Alone Loop Controllers Make Connections - Control Engineering
PID: Still the One - Control Engineering
Temperature control: PID vs. Fuzzy Logic - Control Engineering
PID Control - HTS

Ratio Control

Ratio Control
- John Shaw - Process Control Solutions
Control Strategies: Ratio Control Systems - Techmation
Ratio Control: Some of its Applications and Imperfections - A. Holland -Eurotherm
Open and Closed-Loop Feedback Systems: Example: Ratio Control For On/Off Heating Contactor -

Burners and Their Ratio Control, Part 4: Ratio Control Hardware - D. Bennet - Process Heating
Burners and Their Control, Part 5: More Ratio Control Hardware - Process Heating
Ratio Blending Systems - Enterprise Automation Inc
SECO/WARWICK Patents Adjustable Ratio Control System for Aluminum - Aluminium Association Inc.


Smith Predictor

The Smith Predictor: A Process Engineer's Crystal Ball
- V. VanDoren -Control Engineering
The Otto-Smith Predictor - P. Alriksson - Lund University
Compensation of Dead Time in PID Controllers - Emerson Process Management

Simple Closed-Loop System with Simulated Plant -University of Illinois
Performance Improvement of Smith Predictor Through Automatic Computation of Dead Time - Yokogawa

Compensating Intermittent Delayed Visual Feedback in Robot Navigation - K. Koay/G. Burgmann - University of Plymouth

Optimum Settings for Automatic Controllers
- Ziegler & Nichols - Walter Driedger
Auto-Tuning Control Using Ziegler-Nichols - V. VanDoren in Control Engineering / Oct. 2006. Insights into traditional methods and automatic tuning of process controllers.
Ziegler-Nichols Closed Loop Tuning - John Shaw
Ziegler-Nichols Tuning Rules And Limitations - J. Gerry - Expertune/
Getting in tune with Ziegler-Nichols - T. Kurfess - Feb 2007 - Control Engineering

Ziegler-Nichols Method - Tomas B. Co - Michigan Technological University
Auto-Tuning Control Using Ziegler-Nichols - V. VanDoren
Ziegler-Nichols - Universidade do Porto
PID Tuning: Ziegler-Nichols - University of Texas at Austin
Ziegler-Nichols - Prof. M. Morari - Swiss Federal Institute of Technology



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