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Electrical Glossary - General Cable
Glossary of Electrical Instrumentation Terms - CR Magnetics
Delta and Wye Circuit Equations - Watlow

Electrical Tools, Tables, & Calculators
Useful Equations - All About Circuits
Power Calculator
- MacFarlane Generators
- Free PCB Design Tool
Global Voltage Chart - SurgeX
Conduit Capacity Chart - Belden

Power Calculator - MacFarlane Generators
Wire Parameter Calculator - Brad Suppanz
Symmetrical Components Calculator - Manta Test Systems
Quick 3 Phase Short Calculations - Ferraz Shawmut
Bussman Short Circuit Calculator - Bussman

Motor Voltage Drop Calculator - GE
Harmonic Distortion Calculator - GE
How to read Capacitor Codes - Transtronics
How to read Resistor Color Codes - Transtronics
Resistors in Parallel Calculator - 1728 Software Systems
Electronics Calculators - Formulae Calculators (Click on Calculators in left sidebar)



Basic Analog for Digital Designers - Intersil
Wheatstone Bridge - ZMD

The Wheastone Bridge -SDI

AC Power Basics and Mechanisms of Power Measuring Instrument - Yokogowa

Tutorial: Resistors, Volt and Current - IKA

XYZs of Oscilloscopes -Tektronix
Basic Considerations of Short Circuit Calculations - Bussman

Battery - Wikipedia
Battery University - Cadex Electronics
Battery Glossary - Energizer
Battery Glossary -
General Battery Information - Energizer
Battery Application Manuals - Energizer

Primary Systems (Use left sidebar to navigate to technical bulletins, links at top of page are broken) - Duracell
Primary Batteries: Alkaline & Heavy Duty - Rayovac
Lithium Batteries - Rayovac
Battery Overview - Medi-Stim
Types of Rechargeable Batteries - Only Batteries

Product Articles - Only Batteries
Battery Tips - Espow
Batteries in a Portable World - Isidor Buchmann
Video - The Making of a Battery (See Left Sidebar) - Surrette
Chemistry of Batteries - University of Waterloo
  Current Transformers  

Instrument Transformer Application Guide
- CR Magnetics
Selecting ANSI Class Metering Current Transformers - CR Magnetics
Understanding Current Transformer Ratio Error and Excitation Curves - CR Magnetics

Changing CT Ratios in the Field - CR Magnetics
An Analysis of Ratio and Phase Angle Error - CR Magnetics
Current Transformer Design - Tampere University of Technology
Exploring Current Transformer Applications - W. Hayes - BH Electronics/Power Electronics Technology
Current Transformers - OSHA
AC Current Transformers - Toroid Corporation Of Maryland


- Wikipedia
Diode Circuits - D.M. Gingrich - University of Alberta
Diode Tutorial - American Micro Semiconductor
Zener Diode - American Micro Semiconductor
Diodes - Electronics Club

The Diode - University of St. Andrews
How Semiconductors Work - How Stuff Works
Diodes - Electronics Tutorials
Diodes - EncycloBEAMia
Diodes - C.R. Nave - HyperPhysics


Equipment Enclosures

NEMA Enclosure Types - Stealth Computer
IP & NEMA Enclosure Ratings

IEC Enclosure Standards -Balluff

Stahlin Non-Metallic Enclosures - Glossary
- Stahlin
NEMA Enclosure Ratings

IEC Enclosure Ratings - BAPI
UL-94 Flammability Rating - BAPI
IP Ratings – What Do They Mean? - RSHydro
IP / NEMA enclosure Classification Comparison - JLC Internaitonal
Technical Information - Hammond
Enclosures - NEMA

NEMA EnclosureTypes - NEMA
Design Criteria for Optimum Cooling and Shielding of Enclosures - Elma
Design Criteria for Rugged Enclosures - R. Rajan - Elma Electronics
Thermal management of telecommunications cabinets - Electronics Cooling
Thermal Management Strategies to Mitigate Maintenance in Outside Plant Electronics and Enclosures - OSP

Thermal Management - Spread Spectrum Scene
Some Like It Cool - Comms Design
Enclosure EMI/RFI Shielding - Stahlin
Chemical Resistance - Stahlin
Enclosure Materials - Stahlin

Op Amps
How much load can your operational amplifier drive? - Planet Analog
Operational amplifier - Wikipedia

Basic Circuits of Operational Amplifiers - Universiy of Athens
Operational Amplifier (Op-Amp) Basics - Ourworld Compuserve
Operational Amplifier - Dr. Holbert -Arizona State University
Op Amps - Williamson Labs
Operational Amplifier Cirucits - Scot's Guide to Electronics - University of St. Andrews

An Application Guide for Op Amps - National Semiconductor
Operational Amplifiers - Hyper Physics - C.R. Nave - Georgia State University
A Single Supply Op Amp Circuit Selection - Texas Instruments
The Inverting Amplifier - E. J. Mastascusa - Bucknell University
Operational Amplifiers - Tony's Website

  Power Electronics

Fundamental Characteristics of Thyristors
- LittleFuse
Thyristors and Triacs - Ten Golden Rules for Success in Your Application - Power Pulse Net
Introduction to SCR Power Controls - V-B Controls

Power Electronics - Wikipedia
SCR - American Microsemiconductor
The Silicon Controlled Rectifier -
Thyristors - All About Circuits
Thyristor - Wikipedia

Fundamentals of Power Electronics - University of Colorado at Boulder
Lazar's Power Electronics Corner - Lazar Rozenblat
Understanding SCR Power Controls -Avatar Instruments
Comparing Different Methods of Power Control - Avatar Instruments
Electrical Enclosures and SCR Controls - Avatar Instruments

Power Supplies

Power Supply Glossary - Power Sources Unlimited
Power Supply Glossary
- Cosel USA
Power Supply Glossary
- Current Solutions Inc
Power Supply Glossary -
Power Supply Glossary - Current Solutions Inc.
Glossary of Terms - Astec Power

Power Supply Implentation Guide - Cosel USA
Power Supply Technical Notes - Cosel USA
Switching-Mode Power Supply Design
- Jerrold Foutz.
Switched Mode Power Supply Notes - Brad. Suppanz
Switch Mode Power Supplies - C.J. Hill
Power Supplies - C.J. Hill
SMPS Power Supplies Inc. - I.C. Purdie

Power Supply Design Tutorial - L. Rozenblat
Switched Mode Power Supply Notes - Brad Suppanz
How to Specify a Power Supply - Current Solutions Inc
Power Supplies - Georgia State University
Sealed Lead Acid Battery Application - Transtronics
An overview of switched mode power supplies or SMPS

The Different Types of UPS Systems - N. Rasmussen - APC
Uncovering the Bogy of Instability - Astec Power
A New Approach to PFC Protection - L. Lui - Astec Power
An Introduction to Digital Control of Switching Power Converters - Astec Power
Apparent Thermal Resistance of Board-Mounted "Brick" Converters - Astec Power

Decoupling Fast Switched Loads in Distributed Power Applications - G. Potter - Astec Power
Study of Beat Frequencies - H. Huang - Astec Power
Thermal Design and Application of Sixteenth Brick Converteres - Astec Power
To Sync or not to Sync - C. Young - Astec Power
Wide Output Fast Transient SMPS Design - Astec Power

Power Supply Manufacturers

Following are some popular manufacturers.

* Indicates manufactuer received Control Magazine's Reader's Choice Award. Please refer to the complete survey in Control Magazine, Jan 2005).

Cosel USA
* Sola/Hevi-Duty
* Acopian
* Phoenix Contact
* Idec

  Protective Relaying  
IEEE device numbers and functions for switchgear apparatus -Sayeed Saad Amin - Kuwait Ministry of Energy

The Art & Science of Protective Relaying by C.R. Mason and General Electric.
SEL Technical Papers - Schweitzer

Power System Protection Library - Manta Test Systems. This is one of the most comprehensive collections of protective relaying articles, courses, and online references we have found on the web.

Protective Relays - All About Circuits




Glossary: Switches& Relays - Electroswitch
How do Relays Work? - Allegro
Safety Circuits: Force Guided Vs General Purpose Relays - Maintenance World
Relay - Wikipedia
Relay Types - National Instruments

Relay Switching Considerations - National Instruments
Relays - The Electronics Club
Relay And Switch Technology - Machine Design
Electromechanical Relays and Contactors - Machine Design
Electromechanical Relays - All About Circuits

Glossary: Switches & Relays - Electroswitch
Glossary of Switch Terms - Flow Control Network
Switches and Relays Glossary of Terms - Hermetic Switch Inc.
Glossary of Common Switch Terms - EAO
Switch Contact Forms - EAO

Switches 101 - Machine Design
Lessons In Electric Circuits: Switches - T. Kuphaldt /ibiblio
Complete Switching Tutorial - National Instruments
A Comparison of Magnetic Switch Technologies - Hermetic Switch Inc.
Basics of Reed Switches - Hermetic Switch Inc.





Wattmeter - Wikipedia
Wattmeter design - All About Cirucuits
Wattmeter -
Wattmeter - Love to Know
Measurement of Three Phase Power with the 2 Wattmeter Method - M.S. Sarma - Concordia

Wattmeter - Integrated Publishing
AC Power Basics and Mechanisms of Power Measuring Instrument - Yokogowa
The Two Meter Wattmeter Method - B. Walden - Ohio Semitronics
Selecting and Using Transducers for the Measurement of Electric Power, Voltage, and Current - Ohio Semitronics


Wire & Cable

Conductor & Insulator Tables - All About Circuits
AWG Wire Gauge Conversion - Calvert
Cable Glossary - Lapp USA

Wire Data & Applications - Ferraz Shawmut
Coaxial Cable Installation - Belden
Conversion Factors - Lapp USA
Wire Size Comparison - Binder
Shielded Cables Tame Servo System EMI - L. Stephens in Control Engineering - August, 2006
Testing For Flame Resistance of Electrical Cable - Northwire

Cable: The Vital Link in Variable-Frequency Drives
N. Davieau/EPN On-line
VFD Systems and Cable - Lapp USA
Typical Motions for Flexing Cables - Lapp USA
Cabling Techniques - Lapp USA
Properties of Insulation Materials - Lapp USA

European Cable Stranding - Lapp USA
American Cable Stranding - Lapp USA
Solid Conductors - AWG Properties Chart - Lapp USA
Stranded Wires - AWG Properties Chart - Lapp USA
Wire Gauge Ampacities - Transtronics
Alcan Cable Electrical University - Cable



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