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Fluid Fundamentals
- Cole Parmer
Viscous Fluid Behavior -Cole Parmer
Hydraulic Fundamentals - Dept. of Irrigation & Drainage Malaysia




Glossary - Key Instruments
Glossary -
Glossary - Futurestar Corp
Glossary of Terms - Burkert Fluid Control

Flow Tools, Tables, and Calculators


Pitot Tube Gas/Air Calculator - Tri Flow Tech
Pitot Tube Steam/Air/Water Mass Flow - Tri Flow Tech

Pitot Tube Liquid Flow Calculator
- Tri Flow Tech
Flowmeter Sizing
- Key Instruments
Orifice Sizing Calculator
- PetEng Calculators

Valcor Flow Calculator - Valcor
Orifice Flowrate Calculator - efunda
Bernoulli Equation Calculator with Applications - LMNO Engineering

Orfice Plate Calculator - Esco Engineering
Weir Calculator
- Esco Engineering
Flow calculator for open channel and flumes - Esco Engineering

Flowmeter Sizing Program - Foxboro
Fluid Properties - Aaliant
Gas Conversion Factors - Key Instruments
Estimating Pressure Drop Calculator- Sponsler
Viscosity Conversion Calculator - Sponsler

Gas Density Calculator - Sponsler
Liquid Pressure Drop Calculator - Sponsler
Gas Conversion and Sizing for Turbine Meters - Sponsler
Converting SCFM to ACFM - Sponsler
Chemical Resistance Tables - Hayward Flow Control

Reynolds Number Calculator - Eesiflo
Flow Calculator - Simple Velocity to Volumetric Conversions - Eesiflo
Absolute and Kinematic Viscosity Conversion Calculator - Eesiflo
Density Unit Converter: Convert between common units of density - Eesiflo
Prandtl Probe Calculator - Zoran Savovic

Venturi Tube Calculator - Zoran Savovic
Turbulent Flow Calculator - Gossman Consulting Inc
Unit Convertor - Flowmeter Directory
The Fluid Flow Calculations website - LMNO Engineering

Flow sensors - General

Let it Flow - June 2005 - Intech

Tech Note: Solid State Flow Elements - InFlow Inc
Fluid Application Matrix
- Smart Measurement

How to specify liquid flowmeters
- Titan Enterprises
An Introduction to Flowmeters - Global Automation
Mass Flow Sensors: Mass Flow vs Volumetric Flow
- Honeywell
Considerations for Control Systems Part Two: Flow Measurement
- D. Capano - DTS/Water & Wastewater

Determining Air Flow in Cubic Feet per Minute
What's the Right Flow Technology for Your Application? - Lesman Instrument Company
About Paddlewheel Flow Meters - Global Spec
About Mass Flow Meters and Controllers - Global Spec

Flow Meters - Industrial 101
Flowmetering Technologies Explained -
Flow Sensors
- Data Acquisition Network
Selecting the Right Flowmeter, Part 1
- Cole Parmer
Selecting the Right Flowmeter: Part 2 - Cole Parmer
Ensuring energy efficiency through effective monitoring of steam - Sensorland
Flowmeter Selection Guide - Applied Engineering
Mass Air Flow vs Volumetric Air Flow - Honeywell
Paddlewheel Flow Meters - Blue-White Industries
Paddlewheel Flow Meters and Why They are Popular - Blue-White Industries
Know what you want and you’ll get it! (Selecting flow meters) - George Fischer
Conditioning Flow Disturbances for Precision Flow Measurement - J. Deane - FCI/ICS
Solving Your Gas Flow Measurement Problems - FCI
Flow Sensing Know How J. Deane - FCI
Obtaining High Accuracy Flow Measurement - S. Kresch - FCI/Processing
Flowmetering Technologies Explained -

How to Choose Among Turbine, Positive Displacement, Thermal, Variable Area, and Open Channel Using Paradigm Cases - Flowmeter Directory/Flow Research
How to size a volumetric flow meter - Key Instruments
Velocity based Flow Measurement -George Fischer Signet - How to choose the sensor type for optimal flow measurements.
Obtaining High Accuracy Flow Measurement - FCI/Processing - S. Kresch - Picking the right technology for the application.

Flow Control - Burkert Fluid Control
Flow and Level Measurement
- Omega
Flowmeter Selection Guide - Engineering Fundamentals
Flowmeters In General - Overview of Flow Measurement -

Liquid Flowmeters - Omega
A Flow Measurement Orientation -Omega
Mass Flowmeters - Omega

Flowmeter FAQ - Cole Parmer
Flow sensing know-how - Control Engineering - Sept. 1999 - J. Deane
UR-232: Rule of Thumb for Quick Conversion of Molecular Weight to Density in lb/m³ (Pounds Per Cubic Meter) for Ideal Gases at Standard Conditions - GE Infrastructure Sensing


Coriolis Flowmeters

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Coriolis Mass Flow Measuring Principle - Bronkhorst High-Tech
Coriolis Flow Measurement Theory
- Emerson Process Management
Coriolis flowmeters, An Overview - Engineering Fundamentals
Bend It Like Coriolis, Understand the basics of Coriolis flowmeter design. - Chemical Processing/Micro Motion - Oct. 2003 - C. Stack
Coriolis Mass Flowmeters -

Differential Pressure Flowmeters

The DP Flowmeter Market - Flow Research Inc

Differential Pressure Flowmeters
- Omega
A Primer on Primary Elements: Understanding a Key Aspect of DP Flow Measurement
 / J. Yoder - Flow Control Network / May 2007
Differential Pressure Flowmeters - Omega

Flow Measurement - McMaster University

Focus on Liquid Flow Measurement -
Differential Pressure Flowmeters, An Overview - Engineering Fundamentals
Differential Pressure Flowmeters -
Differential Pressure Flowmeters - Omega
Using a Pitot Static Tube for Velocity and Flow Rate Measurement - Flowmeter Directory


Orifice Plates
Orifice Plate Flowmeters - Spirax Sarco
Orifice plate - Wikipedia
Orifice flow calculator - eFunda
Small Diameter Orifice Flow Meter Calculation for Liquid Flow - LMNO Engineering
Orifice Plate Calculation - ThermExcel
Orifice Plate Type Flow Detector - Engineer's Edge
Flow through an Orifice Body - Aerodynamics for Students
Orifice, Nozzle, and Venturi Flow Rate Meters - Engineering Tool Box
Orifice plate calculator pressure drop calculation - Flowmeter Directory
Conditioning Orifice Plate Technology - Emerson Process Meaurement
Orifice Plate - Integrated Publishing
Determination of the minimum thickness of Orifice Plates and Restrictions - Instro's Corner
Remember the old reliable orifice plate - D. Willard - Chemical Processing
Flow Measurement Devices - AVCO
OFP Tech Brief - Wyatt Engineering
Orifice Meters for Water Flow Measurement - A. Smajstrla & D. Harrison - University of Florida
Orifice Plate Flowmeter - Eesiflo
Large Diameter Orifice Flowmeter - LMNO Engineering
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Venturi Flowmeters

Venturi Flowmeter Calculator
- efunda
Venturi Flowmeter Calculation for Liquid Flow - LMNO Engineering
Venturi Flowmeter - Georgia State University
The Versatile Venturi - Primary Flow Signal
Venturi Pictures & Diagrams - Westfall
Flow Measurement - McMaster University
Venturi Flowmeter - Integrated Publishing
Venturi Flowmeters - FlowMaxx Engineering
Cavitating Venturis - FlowMaxx Engineering
The Venturi Meter - The Engineering ToolBox (Warning - Occasional Pop-up)
Venturi Flow Meter - Flow-Dyne Engineering
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Dall Tubes

Dall Tube Type Flow Detector
- Engineer's Edge
Venturi Meter: Dall Tube - Western Mechanical Labs
Differential Pressure Flow Meters - eFunda
Dall Flow Tube - Integrated publishing
Dall Tube - Wikipedia
Dall Flow Tube - All Mesurements and Instruments
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Flow Nozzles

Nozzle Flowmeter Calculation for Liquids
- LMNO Engineering
ASME Flow Nozzles - FlowMaxx Engineering
Subsonic Primary Elements - Flow Systems Inc
Critical Flow Nozzle - Flow-Dyne Engineering
Flow Nozzle Diagrams -Tri Flow Tech
The Venturi Meter - The Engineering ToolBox
Flow Nozzle Tech Brief - Wyatt Engineering
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Flow Straightenres


Laminar Flow Elements - D. Thomas & J. Culmer - Flow Control/Meriam Process Technologies
Sizing Equations - Meriam Process Technologies
Flow Conditioning for Natural Gas Measurement - Canada Pipeline Accessories Company Ltd./Flowmeter resources
Tech Bulletin: Straight Run Rules of Thumb - Sea Metrics


Magnetic Flowmeters

A Consumers' Guide to Full-Bore Magnetic Flowmeters (2002) - D. Spitzer & W. Boyes - Water & Wastewater
Evolution of Magnetic Flowmeters - J. Yodder - Nov. 2006 - Flow Control Network
Fundamental Principles of Electromagnetic Flow Measurement - Krohne

Magnetic Flowmeters -
Magnetic Flowmeters, An Overview - Engineering Fundamentals
Understand the Attraction of Magmeters - Chemical Processing - W. Spitzer - July 2004
Magnetic Flowmeters - Omega

Multiphase Flowmeters


Not all Multiphase Flowmeters are Created Equal - Agar
Wetter Isn't Better - Flowmeter Directory
Nasty Flows Require Novel Flowmeters -
Multiphase Well Testing and Monitoring Services Image - Schlumberger
Development of Experimental Model of Magnetic Resonance

Multiphase Flowmeter, 15-9045
- Southwest Research Institute
TopFlow Multiphase Flowmeter - FMC
Multiphase Meters - Haimo
Watercut Meters - Haimo
Overview of the Optical Multiphase Flowmeter - eProduction Solutions


Open Channel Flowmeters

Weir Flow Calculations - Eurotherm
Open Channel Flowmeters
What is a Parshall Flume and who invented it? - Flowmeter Directory
Some Flume Types and their usages/applications - Flowmeter Directory


Optical Flowmeters
Photo courtesy of
Photon Control

Flare Metering with Optics From Blue-Sky Technology to the real world
- Photon Control
Optical Flowmeter - Free Patents Online
Focus Probe Optical Gas Flowmeter - Photon Control
Focus Probe FAQ - Photon Control
Optical Flowmeters - Flowmeter Directory
Flowmeters 2003: the latest advancements - Control Engineering
Optical Flowmeter -
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Pitot Tubes
Pitot Tube Gas/Air Calculator - Tri Flow Tech
Pitot Tube Steam/Air/Water Mass Flow - Tri Flow Tech

Pitot Tube Liquid Flow Calculator - Tri Flow Tech
Pitot Tubes
Know Your Pitot - Flow Control Network/Meriam Process Technologies

Make the most of averaging Pitot tubes - D. Thomas - Chemical Processing/Meriam Process Technologies
Pitot Static Tubes: Introduction -eFunda
Pitot Static Tubes: Theory - eFunda
Pitot tube - Wikipedia
Using a pitot static tube for velocity and flow rate Measurement - Flowmeter Directory


Positive Displacement

About Positive Displacement Flow Meters - Global Spec
Positive Displacement, An Overview - Engineering Fundamentals
Positive Displacement Flowmeters -
Positive Displacement Flowmeters - Omega


Target Flowmeters

Target Flowmeter Principles of Operation - Aaliant
Target Flowmeters, An Overview - Engineering Fundamentals
Target Flowmeters -

Thermal Flowmeters

Thermal Mass Flow Measurement - Bronkhorst High-Tech
Versatile Thermal Dispersion Flow Sensing Technology
- E. Wible - FCI/Flow Control Magazine
Mass Flow Sensing: Data Collection and Signal Processing -FCI/Flow Sensing
Thermal Flowmeters, An Overview - Engineering Fundamentals
Thermal Flowmeters -


Turbine Flowmeters

Turbine Meters for Liquid Measurement - J. Harshman
Turbine Flow Meters - Hedland
Turbine Flowmeter Installation - Flow Technology
Turbine Flowmeters and Flow Viscosity - Flow Technology
Turbine Meters for Liquid Measurement - Wilkerson

Turbine Flowmeters, An Overview - Engineering Fundamentals
Turbine Flowmeters - Omega
Turbine Flowmeters -


Ultrasonic Flowmeters

Ultrasonic Flow Measurement Technology - The Ultrasonic Flowmeters
Ultrasonic Flow Meters (Example of Clamp on Type) - RS Hydro

Evolution of Ultrasonic Flow Measurement - S. Yon - Aug. 2006 - Flow Control Network
Clamp-on Ultrasonic Flowmeters - Measuring Principle - JLC Internaitonal

Ultrasonic Flow Measurement Technology
- Shenitech
Ultrasonic Flow Meters - Hedland
Doppler Ultrasonic Flow Meters Operating Theory - Dynasonic

Fundamentals of Ultrasonic Flow Measurement for Industrial Applications - Krohne

Ultrasonic Flowmeters, An Overview - Engineering Fundamentals
Measuring Principle, Transit Time Meter Basic Theory - Eesiflo
Ultrasonic Flowmeters -
Ultrasonic Flowmeters - Omega

Variable Area Flowmeters
Manufacturers Principle Picture

Introduction to Rotameters -Omega
Variable Flowmeters, An Overview - Engineering Fundamentals
Variable Area Flowmeters -
Variable Area Flowmeters - Omega

Vortex Flowmeters

Vortex Flowmeters Gaining Traction - J. Yodder - Aug. 2006 - Flow Control Network
About Vortex Flow Meters
- Global Spec
Vortex Shedding - How it works - Veris
Universal Vortex Flowmeters - Clark
Vortex Flowmeters, An Overview - Engineering Fundamentals
Vortex and Fluid Flowmeters -
Vortex Flowmeters - Omega
Technical Bulletin: Application, Design, Installation
- Clark



Following are some popular manufacturers. If you know of others you would like to add, please contact us
* Indicates manufactuer received Control Magazine's Reader's Choice Award. Please refer to the complete survey in Control Magazine, Jan 2005).

Flowmeters, Coriolis
*Emerson Process-Micro Motion
Liquid Controls
AW Company Siemens
Bronkhorst High-Tech
Add your company here
Flowmeters, Differential Pressure
Flowmeters, Magnetic
*Emerson Process-Rosemount McCrometer
*ABB Yamatake
*Krohne Add your company here
*Invensys Foxboro
George Fischer Signet  
Liquid Controls  
Master Meter  
Flowmeters, Open Channel
*Siemens-Milltronics Cole-Parmer
*Emerson Process-Rosemount Yamatake
*Badger Meter Add your company here
Flowmeters, Positive Displacement
*Emerson Process-Brooks Liquid Controls
*Badger Meter Master Meter
*IDEX Liquid Controls Max Machinery
AW Company Sika
Cole-Parmer Add your company here
Flow Technology  
Flowmeters, Target
Aaliant Add your company here
Flowmeters, Thermal Mass Flow
*FCI Intek
*Kurz Instruments Krohne
*Emerson Process-Brooks Magnetrol
*Sierra Instruments Omega
Alicat Scientific Sage Metering
AW Company TSI
Bronkhorst High-Tech
Add your company here
Flowmeters, Turbine
*Emerson Process-Daniel Liquid Controls
*Hoffer Flow Control Master Meter
*Badger Meter Omega
*Flow Technology Sika
AW Company Sponsler
Cole-Parmer Add your company here
George Fischer Signet  
Great Plains Industries
Flowmeters, Ultrasonic
*GE Panametrics Futurestar
*Emerson Process-Daniel GE Panametrics
*Thermo Electron-Polysonics George Fischer Signet
*Controlotron Krohne
*Endress+Hauser Siemens
Cole-Parmer Shenitech
Dynasonic Sierra Instruments
Eesiflo Add your company here
Flowmeters, Variable Area
*Emerson Process-Brooks Key Instruments
Blue-White Kobold
Cole-Parmer Krohne McCrometer
Futurestar Omega
Add your company here
Flowmeters, Vortex Shedding
*Emerson Process-Rosemount Omega
*Yokogawa Sparling
*Invensys Foxboro Add your company here
George Fischer Signet  
Flow Switches
*FCI Flow Technology
*Endress+Hauser Harwil
*Ifm efector Kayden
*Dwyer Magnetrol
Cole-Parmer Add your company here


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