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Engineer Jokes

Murphy's Laws

The Onion

The Knack - YouTube

Why I missed the Exam - Dr. James K. Hardy

More Engineer Jokes - The Budster

Engineer Jokes - Tammy S. Zuleger

Classics - Walter Driedger

German Coast Guard - We have the greatest of respect for our German friends and colleagues who, through their skill and ingenuity, have made significant contributions to our controls industry, but this is too funny to leave unnoticed...

Trebuchet - This is a great way to loaf off and learn some physics too!


Running Late! - Source Unknown - Jokes - Dilbert comics!!!

Prophetic Quotes and Managerese vs. Engineerese
- Inflection

Jokes from ControlOn

If Men Could Vacuum - Source Unknown


Progressive Engineer Humor

Best Card Trick!!! - From AJ's Power Source - I don't know how it works, but it does!

Dilbert - Enough Dilbert jokes to occupy you for longer than your boss would like! Omega has even conveniently provided the "Boss Alert" button if you are about to get caught loafing on company time!

Penguin Swing -

Snowball Fight! -

Applied Math - Power Engineering

Source - Unknown

Engineer Jokes - Jack/Grand Valley State University


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