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An Overview of Direct Digital Controls - Iowa Energy Center - An introductory DDC guide for building owners and engineers covering basic architectures, hardware and software. Also check out the I/O Tutorial too.

All Measurements & Instruments - All Measurements and Instruments - A collection of articles on various sensor and instrumentation topics including calibration and principles of operation

Process Control - Ming Tham - University of Newcastle Upon Tyne - A collection of links to very good articles relating to introductory, intermediate, and advanced process control topics.

Mechatronics - Dr. Hugh Jack/Grand Valley State University - Over 40 online chapters devoted to mechatronics!  
If you are interested in mechatronics, this is one site you don't want to miss!

Instrumentation Guide Utilities
- Warnee Instruments Ltd - A collection of useful articles covering the basics of pressure, level, flow, termperature, Fieldbus Valves & more

Nuclear Power Fundamentals - Integrated Publishing - A number of courses covering engineering principles in electrical science, thermodynamics, instrumentation and control, mathematics, chemistry, material science, mechanical science, nuclear physics and reactor theory, and more.

Global Automation - Global Automation - An automation portal with many good resources including tutorials on PLCs, DCS, Flowmeters, SCADA, fieldbus & more

Introduction to Sensors - Professor J. M. Cimbala,
Penn State University - Great lectrue notes on various sensor types including strain, capacitive, piezoelectric, temperature, flow, radiation, inductive, magnetic, and sound.

Kaye & Laby: Tables of Physical and Chemical Constants - National Physical Laboratory - A great collection of reference materials. Includes units and fundamental constants,mass, presure, temperature, radiation, electrical and chemical properties, and more

University of Newcastle Upon Tyne: Process Control - Excellent couse notes and articles on process control

Process Control Educational Material - McMaster University - T. Marlin - An entire process control course (Instrumentation for Process Control), interactive learning modules, tutorial questions with solutions, lecture slides, and links to other process control web sites.

The Safety Page - STI - A wealth of information concerning machine safety including international standards, risk assessments, control circuits, protective measures, and technical details covering laser scanners, safety mats, switches and relays

Tektronix Fundamentals University - Tektronix - Tutorials and demos for oscilloscopes, logic analyzers, signal generators, and video test, teaching aides plus a bit of humor

Automation Solution Guide - Schneider Electric -
A very good tutorial covering data acquisition input devices including limit switches, inductive and capacitive proximity detectors, photoelectric and ultrasonic detectors, RFID, vision, optical encoders, pressure switches, and more. Although Schneider markets these products, the material is non-vendor specific

Fluids Mechanics Index - Roymech - A wealth of well written articles covering fluid mechanics including fluid properties, fluid flow, orifice plates, hydrostatics, and much more. If you have an interest in flow and flow equipment, visit this site

Understanding Electronics Components -
Filipovic D. Miomir/micro e - An online tutorial covering basic electronic components including resistors, capacitors, coils, transformers, transitors, diodes, thyristors, IC's, optoelectronics, & more

Cyber Automation
- ControlGlobal - This is just plain fun! Numerous videos demonstrates controls principles and equipment. While you are at You Tube, check out some of the "Related Videos"

The Fundamentals of Signal Analysis - Agilent Technologies/The Modal Shop - A booklet covering time, frequency, and modal domain analysis, FFT, sampling, digitizing, windowing, and more

In-depth technology tutorials - Sensors Magazine - A collection of articles explaining numerous sensor technologies including accelerometers, electric/magnetic, flow, level, pressure, and more

Industrial Networking & Communications - High Tech Services - Very good industrial networking tutorials. Be sure to check out the rest of the site too on other controls related issues including programmable controllers, signal conditioning, tutorials and many others. 

Fluid Power Basics
- Hydraulics & Pneumatics - A very thorough collection of tutorials covering pneumatic and hydraulic circuits, reference materials, and components including pumps, valves, conductors, motors, actuators, sensors and more.

Water Measurement Manual - United States Department of the Interior Bureau of Reclamation - This is likely one of the most comprehensive online manuals covering water flow measurement! Chapters include basic flow concepts, accuracy, equipment, and maintenance.

Lecture Notes - Instrumentation Engineer - Check half way down the page for the complete list of notes that covers control system basics, loop diagrams, terminology, signal conditioning, analog recorders, and SCADA systems.

SensEdu - Budapest University - This site provides a course covering sensor technologies, physical structures, operating principles, parameters, and applications. The information is presented in a clear manner making excellent use of graphics and animation.

Mechatronics Development Techniques - National Instruments - Free online resource for learning about mechatronics development techniques, example programs, sharing with the online developer community, and examining best mechatronics industry practices.

Engineering Web - Globalspec - An excellent collection of technical information, application notes, material properties, patents, standards, products and manufacturers

Instrumentation & Process Control Systems - The Engineering Tool Box - Numerous articles on instrumentation & process control. Check the left side bar for other related engineering categories.

e-Bay Industrial Automation & Control - e-Bay - Need to make a purchase of industrial automation & control equipment? With over 9,000 listings, you might find a great deal there!

Introduction to Feedback Control Systems - Coronado Systems/ McGill University - An entire set of course notes dealing with the fundamentals of feedback control systems

Engineer's Edge - Engineer's Edge - A portal containing a wealth of technical information covering instrumentation, electrical, electronic, and sensor technologies, product directories, jobs, and much more

Encyclopedia of Analytical Instrumentation - Brian M. Tissue/Virginia Tech - An introductory discussion of many common instrumentation analysis techniques including data acquisition, imaging, spectrometry, sensors, optics, and more. - Nerds in Control - Control Technology Inc - A discussion group for a wide variety of control topics including applications, communications, HMI, PLCs, and sensors to name a few - Automation Resources, Inc. - An excellent educational web site providing featured technical articles, listings of training and seminars, application notes, application tools, white papers, reference guides, industry news and more.

Compumotor Engineering Reference Guide - Allegro Microsystems & Compumotor - Great engineering reference material covering step motors, brush motors, controls, tuning, communications, calculations, and more.

MIT OpenCourseWare - Massachusetts Institute of Technology - MIT provides "free, searchable access to MIT's course materials for educators, students, and self-learners around the world." There is a wealth of information here in both technical and nontechnical areas of study.

Understanding Electronics Components - Filipovic D. Miomir/Mikroe - A great electronics reference book covering the basics of resistors, capacitors, inductors, transistors, thyristors, ICs, and more.

Petroleum Refining Processes - OSHA - The key to a viable control system lies in understanding the process. This website provides insights into petroleum refining and the associated safety considerations

Control Notes - Roymech - (Roy Beardmore) - Very good insights into control systems from a mathematical perspective!

Articles - Wilkerson Instrument - 4 great articles:
Industrial Temperature Measurement,
Wiring for Trouble Free Signal Conditioning,
Ground Loops, and
Turbine Meters for Liquid Measurement

Control Systems - Wikibooks - An online book covering classical and modern control methods.

Technical Reference Materials - Transcat - Numerous controls resouces including application notes, temperature reference resources, glossary, conversion tables, and a list of manufacturers

Wisc Online - Wisconsin Online Resource Center - This sites contains numerous short animated descriptions of industrial automation and electonics topics. They are cool but you have to sift through them to find the relevant ones

Basic Instrumentation Measuring Devices and Basic PIC Control - PAControl - Over 120 pages of information covering the basics of pressure, flow, level, temperature, neutron flux instruments, and basic control strategies, complete with review questions!

Industrial Technologies - HMS - Clear and concise definitions of many common industrial networks, from AS-I to Profinet I/O. Check the left side bar - ELH Communications Ltd - This site is an amazing collection of electronics (and controls) related web resources. There is just too much to define here, check it for yourself. Be sure to check out the lan section if you are interested in ethernet.

Wireless Course - Emerson Process Management Plantweb University - An entire wireless course covering wireless basics, technology, applications, and implementation consideratons

Controlling Equipment - Walter Driedger - A veteran electrical engineer provides us with the benefits of his experience controlling basic petrochemical process equipment.

There is no substitute for learning from someone who has had years of practical experience!

Radio Receivers, from crystal set to stereo - Miomir Filipovic / Micro E - A series of articles covering principles of radio transmission and radio receivers.

Tech Tips - Sensorland - As quoted from the Sensorland website "A series of helpful hints to ensure that your sensor or system is being used at its best..." This site definitely is definitely worthy of your time to investigate.

Introduction to PLC controllers - Micro Electronica - A seven chapter online book covering basic concepts, interfacing, architecture, and programming compete with examples.

Controlguru: Practical Process Control - Douglas Cooper - A series of articles covering the fundamental principles of process control and PID controller design and tuning complete with examples.

Modeling & Control - Authored by Greg Macmillan and Terry Belgians - A blog covering the technical aspects process control and modeling. New articles are added regularly and a wealth of information is organized and archived in the side bar.

Educypedia: Control Systems - Educypedia - Many links to excellent control sysem articles. Browse around and find tons of links to electronics and other controls related topics.

CSB Video Room - US Chemical Safety & Hazard Investigation Board - Videos of industrial accidents, some complete with forensic analysis, enable us to implement safer installations and procedures to avoid similar accidents.Our thanks to Dan Weise at the Lesman Instrument Company for contributing the link.

NASA Office of Logic Design - NASA - "A scientific study of the problems of digital egineering for space flight systems, with a view to their practical solution." Tons of intresting & useful information to surf. Be sure to check Tutorials for Programmable Logic and Military/Aerospace Systems

Educational Applets - University of Athens, Department of Chemistry - Many great applets covering signal processing and chemistry topics including fourier synthesis and analysis, signal smoothing, and analog and digital electronics.

Technical Utilities - Instrumentation Guide - Tutorials covering process instrumentation theory, equipment, and application. Topics include pressure, level, flow, temperature, humidity, field bus, valves, and more.

How They Work - Sensorland - A great collecton of over 70 well articles covering a varitey of sensors, communications protocols, and other topics of relevance to control specialists

PlantWeb University Wireless Course - Emerson Process Mangement - A 20 module course with quizes covering wireless basics, technology, application, and implemetation considerations. A very useful course on a timely topic!

Some Conventional Process Control Schemes - Dr. M. Willis - Univerity of Newcstle Upon Tyne - An introductory process control course covering feedback, feedforward, cascade and ratio control

Input/Data Acquisition System Design for Human Computer Interfacing - W. Putman & B. Knapp - Stanford University - A data acquistition course from researchers at the Stanford University Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics

TCP/IP Tutorial and Technical Overview from IBM. An in-depth, 24 chapter manual covering TCP/IP.

Temperature Measurement using Electrical Techniques - Status Instruments - A 139 page handbook covering temperature sensing theory, sensors, and application. This is a very comprehensive work!

The Scientist and Engineer's Guide to Digital Signal Processing - Dr. S. Smith /California Technical Publishing - A comprehensive Book on digital signal processing. Thirty-three chapters cover introductory fundamentals, filters, applications, and complex techniques. This is an outstanding work!

Exploring Electrical Engineering - Professor E. J. Mastascusa, Bucknell University - Professor Mastascusa has compiled an excellent tutorial covering electrical engineering including circuit analysis techniques, electronic components, digital theory, frequency response, and measurement techniques!

Industry Automatic Control Fundamentals - - Basic theory of industrial contollers. Also see their article on Basic Theory of Stepping Motors

Exploring Classical Control Systems - Dr. E. J. Mastascusa - Bucknell University - An entire control system course complete with lessons, problems, study guides and resources. Lessons include basic concepts, analysis techniques and design techniques.

Tutorials - Arthur Holland/Eurotherm - Over 40 articles providing insights on control, instrumentation, temperature sensing and more!

Course Notes and Learning Centre - University of Newcastle Upon Tyne - The authors have compiled numerous links to excellent control theory resources including PID, multivariable, digital, fuzzy logic, analysis tools, and much more.

Radio - Adrio Communications Ltd - Each week wireless communications expands its influence in the controls industry. Get the basics here on technologies, electronic design, and more. See the left side bar for topics of interest.

Basics of Design Engineering - Machine Design - Excellent non-vendor specific technical articles covering motors, drives, power supplies, I/O devices, power supplies, displays, enclosures, connectors, and wiring!

Motion Control Handbook - Dr. S. O'Neil - MicroMo - Dr. O'Neil's document provides insights into fundamentals of programmable motion control including basic system components, system selection parameters, motion mechanics, standards, and terminology.

Industrial Electrical & Maintenance - Articles covering basic electonics, motors, drives, PLCs and other industrial controls.

Strain Sensor Basics and Signal Conditioning Tips
by J.Gyorki, Iotech, Inc. in Sensors Magazine. A discussion of strain gauge basics including circuits, heating, signal conditioning, calibration, and applications. Be sure to browse the rest of the Sensors web site for great articles.

Lessons In Electric Circuits by T. Kuphaldt & ibiblio. This site contains a comprehensive 6 volume set of online books covering DC and AC circuits, semiconductor and digital fundamentals, reference materials, and experiments.

Servo Handbook by Danaher. Dozens of articles covering cabling, connectivity, drives, feedback, motion controls motors and safety applied to servo applications.

The Foundation Fieldbus Primer - Fieldbus Inc. - An introduction to the basic principles of foundation fieldbus.

Basic Motor Theory - Reliance - A very thorough, illustrated electric motor tutorial covering basic physics principles, theory of operation for AC motors, DC motors and generators, construction, generator and motor characteristics and more.

PLC Basics - PLCdev - This website includes a great introductory tutorial covering the basics of PLCs including how PLC's work, history, comparisons with other control systems, numbering systems, and a useful glossary.

PHY3128 Electronics for Measurement Systems by Dr. C Williams, University of Exeter.
Dr. Williams has prepard several excellent online tutorials including:
  Feedback and Temperature Control
  Computer Interfaces for Instrumentation Systems &
  Introduction to Sensors

Rob's Fieldbus Pages by Rob Hulsebos. The author has compiled the largest list of fieldbus types on the web, over 400 types, many with links to sponsoring organizations and technical details!

Compumotor Engineering Reference Guide - Allegro & Compumotor - A series of pdf files covering step, linear, and DC motors, servos, and associated controls.

Uncle Ted's Guide to VDV Cabling & Lennie Lightwave's
Guide To Fiber Optics
by VDV Works LLC. Two great tutorials covering the basics of video/data/voice cabling and fiber optic cabling

Technical Information by Samson - A series of documents covering control system basics including terms and symbols, controllers, valves, and communications.

Water Measurement Manual - United States Department of the Interior Bureau of Reclamation. A very thorough document describing water measurement concepts, accuracy and instrumentation.

Power System Protection Library - Manta Test Systems. This is one of the most comprehensive collections of protective relaying articles, courses, and online references we have found on the web.

Instrument Control Fundamentals by National Instruments. This is a free resource for setting up instrumentation systems. Covering the latest communication bus and software technologies, this series of comprehensive tutorials and multimedia presentations provides a step-by-step guide to walk you through the process of connecting and controlling your instruments.

Practical PID Guide for Process Control by Watlow. In a simple, clearly written publication, Watlow explains the details of PID control and why it works so well.

The Art & Science of Protective Relaying by C.R. Mason and General Electric. This is a classic reference for those involved in protective relaying for electrical systems. GE used the information for protective relaying courses on the topic and indicated there was no other suitable reference manual that properly presented the topic.

NASA Tech Briefs by NASA. Each month NASA reports to industry new commercially significant technologies they uncover in their work so industry can increase productivity and profitability!

Industrial Technologies by HMS. This site provides a good, brief summary of many commonly used industrial network types. See links under Industrial Networks on left sidebar

Safety Instrumented Systems by Emerson Process Management. A complete online SIS Course!

ISA is the organization to join if you work in the controls industry. The organization's website is an invaluable source of technical information for both nonmembers and members alike. This week we focus on the technical communities portion of the web site. Pick a community and browse topics presented by leading industry experts. Then browse the links in the left sidebar... you will be impressed!

Drives 101 by Danfoss. A series of tutorials covering the basics of theory and application of variable frequency drives.

Networking Tutorials by Lantronix. A series of tutorials designed to provide"a solid foundation and understanding of basic networking protocols and techniques as well as serial to Ethernet/802.11 device server technology". Lantronix has done an excellent job of fullfilling their claims!

Piezotronics Technical Information by PCB Piezotronics. A site detoted to how piezotronic sensors work! Articles cover general piezotronic theory, piezotronic pressure sensors, force sensors, and accelerometers, with additional articles covering specific issues.

Electric Motors 101 by Machine Design. Great educational articles on all types of motors and a listing of motor suppliers. If you are intrested in electric motors, this is a site you won't want to miss!

IDC Technical References by IDC Technologies. A wealth of well written articles covering relevant topics in instrumentation, electrical, electronic engineering, IT, and project management. This is one of the best collections of useful data we have seen on the web. (Free registration is required).

Fundamentals of Sensing Training Manual by Allen Bradley. A thorough discussion of presence sesing components including limit switches and proximity sensors, including application basics, charcteristics, and specifications

Control System Fundamentals by Athena. A well illustrated article describing a basic temperature control system including details on temperature sensors, control modes, and final control devices.

Sensors Reference Center by Machine Design. An oustanding non-vendor specific site offereing a wealth of sensor information, articles, and a supplier directory. Topics include magnetic sensing, proximity sensors, optical shaft encoders, linear encoders, light sensors, accelerometers, and much more. Machine Design has done an excellent job!

An entire Fluid Mechanics course from the University of Ballarat/Leeds_UK
A) Fluid Mechanics
B) Forces in Static Fluids
C) Fluid Dynamics
D) Fluid Flow

Control of Stepping Motors: A Tutorial by Douglas Jones/ University of Iowa. Basic principles of stepping motors and their associated controls including software architecture.

Cole Parmer Technical Information by Cole Parmer. An entire library of excellent articles covering industrial process control, fluid handling, electrochemistry, laboratory practices, and more.

Motion Controllers Reference Center by Machine Design/Penton. Tons of resources for motion control system designers including tutorials, technical articles, and links to equipment suppliers.

Measurement Fundamentals by National Instruments. This is a "must visit" site containing a wealth of information concerning measurement technology. A series of tutorials cover topics in analog, digital, RF & microwave measurement, data acquistion, and sensor technology.

Network Communications eLearning Module by Yaskawa. Download this excellent audio/visual presentation describing the fundamentals of network communications.

General Analytical Testing and Measurement by Hach. A number of very good articles on process analytical topics including pH, conductivity, and other analytical issues. Also be sure to check out the Information Central and Support sections in the left side bar for more information.

Pneumatic Application and Reference Handbook by Mead. Helpful reference information reguarding fluid power applications. (The download may take a few moments, so please be patient)

Networking Essentials Notes by Grant Wilson. A comprehensive set of study notes prepared by Mr. Wilson in preparation for the Microsoft MCSE certification exam.

Technical References by IDC Technologies. Numerous excellent articles covering a variety of instrumentation and process control topics. The site also includes topics in data communications, IT, project management, and electrical, electronic, and mechanical engineering.

Instrumentation for Process Control by McMaster University. A very well written course covering introductory concepts of temperature, flow, and pressure sensors, analyzers, and control valves. Well done McMaster University!

Servo Handbook by Danaher Motion. Over 100 web pages covering topics including cabling, connectivity, drives, feedback, motion controller, motors, and safety.

2005 Code Digest by Cooper Crouse- Hinds. This publication discusses the hazardous location requirements of the National Electrical Code. Topics include hazardous location ratings, methods of protection, equipment, maintenance, and reference material. The publication is based on an American standard however the principles discussed are applicable to other jurisdictions as well.

Frequently Asked Questions by Honeywell Sesotec. A 95 page manual covering accelerometers, load cells, pressure sensors, and torque sensors.

Nuclear Power Fundamentals -Thermodynamics Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow Volume 3 of 3 and Instrumentation and Control Volume 1 of 2 by Integrated Publishing. These are excellent training manuals covering temperature, pressure, level, flow, and radiation detection sensors and circuitry, process control theory, controllers, and actuators.

Industrial Ethernet University by Contemporary Controls. A vendor neutral course on the basics of industrial ethernet.

National Center for Telecommunications Technology by Springfield Technical Community College. This site contains numerous tutorials concerning basic electronics, fiber optics, computing and programming, math, physics and more.

Flowmeter Directory Submitted Articles by Flowmeter Directory. This web page contains a number of excellect technical articles regarding flow meters. The site contains a wealth of commercial and non-commercial data and claims to be "the most comprehensive web portal on flowmeter technology"!!

L-com Technical Resources - This website is packed with communications and connectivity resources including tutorials on IEEE-488, fiber optic, and copper data cabling, a very good glossary of communications terms, and many application tips.

Encoder, Newsletter of the Seattle Robotics Society. This site provides robotics related technical information, projects, product reviews and contests. Not only is it informative, it is fun!

High Tech Services - This organization offers their online opinion on a variety of technical topics based on their experience as consultants in the process controls and lab automation industries. Their views are interesting, informative, and sometimes surprising and intended to be unbiased resource to assist all in industry. In addition, they provide a wealth of links to good automation resources!

Draft ISA Standard - Manufacturing and Control Systems Security - ISA - ISA permits free downloading of 2 recently published standards and 2 draft standards regarding methods of securing manufacturing and control systems

Profibus Web Based Training by Profibus International - A very good animated graphic presentation with audio describing the fundamentals, application, and limitations of Profibus. After navigating to the site, and clicking on the tool bar on the left side of the page, you have to wait patiently for the animation to download.

Computer Interfaces for Instrumentation Systems - Dr. C. Williams - University of Exiter, School of Physics - A well written description of RS-232, RS-422, RS-423 and RS-485, IEEE-488 (GPIB), IEEE-1394 (FireWire), and
USB (Universal Serial Bus) protocols.

Sensor Signal Conditioning Seminar - Analog Devices - A reference book describing sensors and signal conditioning circuits. Topics include bridge circuits, amplifiers, strain, force, pressure and flow measurements, position, motion, temperature, ADCs, smart sensors and hardware design techniques.

eLearning Modules - Yaskawa Electric - Numerous audio and visual presentations describing a variety of communication and motion control topics. Although most mention the manufacturer's equipment, much of the information is non-vendor specific describing fundamental principles in a clear and concise manner. See also additional eLearning modules.

Technical Tutorials - SENA - Clearly written articles describing communication protocol including ethernet, serial communications, modbus, and more

Siemens Technical Education Self Study Courses - E & M/ Siemens - Numerous good self study courses including basics of PLCs, Sensors, Motion Control, Electrical Power Distribution and more. Although discussions are written to include Siemens equipment, the information presented is applicable to equipment regardless of manufacturer. Courses are well written, illustrated, and definitely worth investigation.

DDC Online - Iowa Energy Center - A site designed to help keep building control system designers and owners abreast of developments concerning design, installation, operation, and manintenance of DDC systems.

An Introduction to Neural Computing - Computer Associates

HART Basics - Hart Communication Foundation - A very good short tutorial on the basics of HART communications complete with a test at the end.

Feedback and Temperature Control - University of Exeter - C. Williams

Resources - Pepperl & Fuchs - Site includes engineering tools (wire gauge calculator, unit convertor, etc), references (enclosure ratings, cable references, intrinsic safety, hazardous locations), articles and white papers, links to standards organizations, and more.

Surge Protection Technical Application Notes - MTL Surge Technologies. This site contains a number of very good articles describing the basic principles of lightning and surge protection applied to electical, electronic, and communication systems including hazardous locations.

Process Control Lecture Notes - Dr. Thomas Edgar - University of Texas

Spirax Sarco Learning Centre - An excellent leaning center focusing on using steam in industrial applications

Insider Tips on Buying a SCADA System - Control Systems International - F. Kling. This article provides good purchasing advice applicable to those making any type of major equipment purchase.

TECH TIP OF THE WEEK: - Control Engineering - Each week Control Engineering provides a very useful brief article on control system basics. Topics last month included: Learning Level Sensing Technologies, Power-switching Device Aronyms, Picking a Robot Controller, Barcode Scanning Basics, and Protecting Process Instruments.

Technical Summary of Class I, II and III Hazardous (classified) Locations - Underwriters Laboratories Inc. - A summary of technical issues relating to hazardous location classifications in the United States, Canada, Europe, and elsewhere. If you deal with hazardous locations, this site is a great resource.

AS Interface Tutorial - Industrial Automation - Look under the tutorials section near the bottom of the page and download an excellent tutorial on the AS interface

Engineers Edge - A very good collection of illustrated articles describing instrumentation and control issues including, temperature, pressure, level, flow, position sensing, motors and switches.

TT-Teachware - Phoenix Contact - Several tutorials about overvoltage protection, power supplies, data transmission and more. Click on General downloads on the left side to select the course from the list. To install the software, just download and extract the ZIP file on your Harddisk and start the Programm "Start.exe". Be sure to click on the UK/USA flag for the English version.

Control Valve Handbook -Fisher Controls - This is an excellent valve reference manual, a must download! My thanks to ControlGlobal for mentioning it in their magazine.

Process Automation Control - Provides free information about standards and technologies used in Process Control and Industrial Automation - Measurement, Instrumentation, Control Systems, Fieldbus, Advanced Control, etc

Top Control - Nearly three dozen articles on process control optomization, tuning, control valves and much more.

Coriolis Flow Measurement Theory - Emerson Process Management - This tutorial provides a great illustrated mini-tutorial on flowmeters, transmitters, and the operating principle for coriolis flowmeters.

Control Information from John Shaw - Mr. Shaw, a process control engineer with over 25 years industrial experience provides information about process control, particularly the PID control algorithm, controller tuning, cascade control, ratio control, and other topics. Although the site clearly promotes the author's publications (we all have to eat), his articles are clearly written, concise, and well illustrated.

Technical Information from Thermo-electric. This site provides numerous articles on thermocouples, thermowells, RTD's, and other temperature, piping, and electrical topics

Intech - ISA, The Instrumentation, Systems, and Automation Society - Published by ISA, the premier trade organization for control and automation professionals, this site provides excellent articles on control fundamentals, sensors, safety, standards, technology, industry news, and more. If you only join one trade organization as a control or automation professional, make it ISA.

Resource Center - Control Engineering - This is an excellent controls resource web site including e-books, tutorials, white papers and much more. Although typically a paid subscription is required to visit the resource center, free 7 day trial periods are available. Definitely take the time to check this site out.

Theory and Practice of pH Measurement - Control Global/Rosemount Analytical - The booklet describes the theory of measuring pH and how to avoid common application problems.

Transactions Technical Reference Series - Omega - A four volume illustrated technical reference series including historical review, theory, and applications of infrared temperature, data acquisition, pressure, and force instrumentation.

Process Control Articles, Software Reviews - ExperTune
This is a site dedicated to loop control and contains a huge assortment of quality resources including on-line videos, introductory tutorials, articles and white papers concerning tuning and optimization techniques.

Automation Manufacturing Systems with PLC's - Grand Valley State University/Dr. H. Jack. This book is a thorough and comprehensive PLC resource. It was updated in January 2005 and has been downloaded over 88,000 times.



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