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Servo Glossary - Advanced Motion Controls
Motion Control Glossary - Micro MoElectronics

Glossary of Encoder Terms -Renco
Glossary of Terms - Minarik
Glossary of Electric Motor Terms - Reliance
Glossary of Motor Terms - Rockwell Automation
Definition of Motor Properties - Copley Controls/Thrusttube

Glossary - AeroTech
Motion Control Jargon - Trio Motion Technology
Stepper Motor Glossary - Camtronics Inc
Glossary of Terms - Electromate
Glossary of Encoder Terms - Encoder Products Company
Glossary of Encoder Terms - Renco

Rotary Stage Terminology - Aerotech Inc
Optical Encoder Glossary - BEI
Sensor Glossary - Baumer Electric
Glossary of Motor and Motion Control Related Terms - MicroMo Electronics.
Glossary of Encoder Terminology - Gurley Precision Instruments



Tools, Tables, & Calculators

Motor Measurement Converson Calculator - Shinano Kenshi Corp
Electric Motor Accelerating Torque
- Engineer's Edge

Engineering Basics - Ametek
Motor Calculators - MicroMo
Motor Size Calculator - Monachos
Handy Formulas - Thomson Airpax/Allegro
Speed, Torque, Power Calculator - Groschopp, Inc

Conversion Charts - Simple Step LLC
Engineering Basics - Penn Engineering
Conversion Tables - Aerotech Inc
Conversion Calculator - Lin Engineering
Torque Conversion Chart - Lin Engineering


Motion Control - General

Motor Types - Everything2
Metric Motors
- Motors &

Linear Stage Terminology; Straightness and Flatness - Aerotech Inc
Guide to Feedback Devices - Emerson Industrial Automation
Electric Motor Accelerating Torque - Engineer's Edge
Fundamentals of Motion Control - National Instruments
Learn about Motion Control - Danaher

Basic Motor Theory - Reliance - A very thorough, illustrated electric motor tutorial covering basic physics principles, theory of operation for AC motors, DC motors and generators, construction, generator and motor characteristics and more.
Motion Controllers Reference Center by Machine Design/Penton. Tons of resources for motion control system designers including tutorials, technical articles, and links to equipment suppliers.
Motor control circuits - All about Circuits
Thinking About Safety - Control Technology Corp.
Shaft Currents - Oemer

Getting the most out of servocontrollers - Machine Design
The Smart Motion Cheat Sheet - Electromate
Webcast Training and Tutorials - Electromate
Motion Control Handbook - Dr. S. O'Neil - MicroMo Electronics
Basics of General Motion Control (1 of 6) - E and M/Siemens - A mini-course describing the basics of motion control. See also 2 of 6, 3 of 6, 4 of 6, 5 of 6, 6 of 6, test awnser form for complete course.

Mechatronics - Dr. H Jack/Grand Valley State University - Notes from course to interface electrical and mechanical systems
Tutorials - Galil Motion Control - Numerous tutorials, many with audio, discussing tuning, applications, ethernet, motors, and amplifiers with respect to motion control
Lesson 3: Multi-Axis Coordinated Motion - Motion System Design/Penton - Feb. 2004
Lesson 2: Velocity Control - Motion System Design/Penton - May 2003

System Elements - Galil Motion Control - A discussion of motion control system elements including motion controller, power amplifier, DC motor, and incremental encoder.
Laser Interferometer Implementation - Aerotech Inc
Feed to Length System - Parker Hannifin Corp - J. Botka
Coupling High Performance Servos to Mechanical Loads - Ormec - M. Oakley


Motors General

Electric Motors, Stepper Motors, AC Motors & DC Motors - Machine Design - Machine Design provides engineers detailed information they need for electric motors, AC motors, DC motors, servo motors, and stepper motors.

Controlling Motors in the Presence of Friction and Backlash - by T. Wescott - Wescott Design Services
How to Wire a Motor Starter
- Automation Direct
Induction Motors: Protection & Starting
- Viv Cohen - Circuit Breaker Industries
Helping Motors Keep Their Cool
- C. Medinger, Leeson Electric Corporation/Maintenance Resources

Ultrasonic Motors - Canon
Basic Motor Types - Franklin Electric
How Much Power Do I Need? - Parker Hannifin
Calculating Drive Input Power - Parker Hannifin
Electric Motors 101 by Machine Design. Great educational articles on all types of motors and a listing of motor suppliers.

Motor Enclosures - Gould Pumps
Basic Training: Motors, Gears, & Drives - Lesson
Electric Motor - Wikipedia
The Hot Topic of Motor Temperature - C. Medinger - Lesson
Motor Troubleshooting Chart - Lesson
Small Motors, Big Considerations - Power Transmission Design/Lesson
A Comparison of the Characteristics of AC & DC Motors - M.Melfi - Reliance
Motor Selection and Sizing - AeroTech (Simple steps to aid selection of motors)


AC Motors

Drive & Motor Basics - Allen Bradley
How to Wire a Motor Starter
- K. Schieber - Automation Direct
AC Motor Home Study Course - Emerson Industrial Automation
Shaft and Bearing Current Solutions - Reliance
How to Match AC Motors and Variable Speed Drives - S. Jackson & F. Liggett - Plant Automation/Rockwell Automation
What Do All Those Things on a Motor Nameplate Mean? - D. Basso, J. Davis & E. Swan - Reliance - (Painfully slow download but a very good article)

Induction Motors - Reliance
How to Speak Fluent IEC for Motors - Power Transmission Design/Lesson
Single Phase Electric Motors: Characteristics and Applications - Power Transmission Design/Lesson
Understanding Definite Purpose Motors - Power Transmission Design/Lesson
Standard Induction Motors: Installation, Operation and Maintenance manual - Marathon Electric


Brushless Motors

Brushless DC electric motor - Wikipedia
Brushless DC motors - Wikipedia
Brushless DC Motors Without Permanent Magnets - Integrated Engineering Software
DC Brushless Motors - D. Palombo - Aveox

Brushless DC Motors - Machine Design Magazine
About Brushless Motors - MicroMo Electronics
Brushless DC Motors - SL-MTI
Brushless Motors - Allegro MicroSystems
Sensorless brushless motor control - Microchip Technology Inc
DC Motors


DC Drive Fundamentals - Joliet Technologies
DC Motors Home Study Course - Emerson Industrial Automation
How to Select a DC Micromotor - Faulhaber
Brushless DC Motors - Hurst/Allegro
DC Motor Troubleshooting Chart - Lesson

Understanding Small DC Motors - Lesson
Customization to Supress EMI in DC Motors - Penn Engineering
Selecting a Brush Commutated DC Motor - Penn Engineering
Reasons for Turning to Slotless Technology - Penn Engineering
DC Motors Tutorials - MicroMo Electronics


Stepper Motors

Stepper Motor System Basics
- Advanced Micro Systems Inc
Step Motor Engineering Information
- Shinano Kenshi Corp
tion To Step Motor Systems - Anaheim Automation
Quick Start for Beginners to Drive a Stepper Motor
- Freescale
Visualizing Step Motor Differences - S. Ahshim/M. Cheng - Design News

Stepper Motor Basics - Technical English - Spanish Vocabulary
Basic theory of Stepping Motors - Technical English - Spanish Vocabulary

Stepper Motor Glossary - AMCI
Stepper Motor Technology - Thomson Airpax/Allegro
Stepping Motors - Hurst/Allegro
What Is A Stepper Motor? - AMCI

Stepper Motor Tutorials - MicroMo
Checking Stepper Motor Phases
- Parker Hannifin

Control of Stepping Motors: A Tutorial by Douglas Jones/ University of Iowa. Basic principles of stepping motors and their associated controls including software architecture.
Introduction to Step Motors - Applied Motion Products
Stepper Motors - Reliance Precision Mechatronics LLP
Servo Control of A Microstep Motor - QuickSilver Controls Inc.


Servo Motors

Servo Glossary - Advanced Motion Controls
Motion Control Overview - Advanced Motion Controls
PID & Servos - Control Technologies
Servo Types - Control Technologies

Servo Types - T. Bullock - Control Technology
Servo Hanbook
- Danaher
When Are Servomotors the Right Solution - How Machines Work Servo Motor Application Notes - Ametek
Basics of Servo Motor Control - Nippon Pulse America
Servo Motors and Drives: Theory of Operation - Parker Bayside

Servo Handbook - Electromate
Digital Signal Processors Minimize AC Servo Feedback Requirements - Motion Control Online/Technosoft US Inc

Kollmorgen Talking Servos -Kollmorgen/Electromate
Fundamentals of Servo Motion Control - Parker Hannifin Corp - D. Kaiser


Linear Motors


Linear Motor Sizing Application Note - Parker Hannifin Corp - J. Marsh
Motor Parameters Application Note - Parker Hannifin Corp - J. Marsh
Linear Motor Basics - Parker Hannifin Corp - J. Barrett, T. Harned, J. Monnich
Linear Motor Parameters - Trilogy Systems Corp. - Derivation of formulas used to describe linear motors.


Motor Starters

Contactors and Motor Starters Glossary
- ToolingU
NEMA MAX Horsepower ratings for motor starters - EMSCO
Motor soft starter - Wikipedia
Motor Controller - Wikipedia
Motor Starter Wiring Diagrams - Old Wood Working Machines
Motor Starter - Everything2
Traditional Electromechanical Motor Starters - LM Photonics
Motor Starter Units - Schneider (slow download, but good)
How the power circuit and ladder diagam work together - S. Vidal - Joseph J. Vidal & Sons, Inc/ EC & M
Industrial Robotics
Robotics Glossary -
Robotics Glossary - LearnAboutRobots
ATI Glossary for Robotic End Effectors and Robotic Tooling - ATI
Industrial Robotic System Terms -
Robotics Online ( Very good Robotics Portal)
Control Laws Alias: PID based control equations - Abrobotics
Motion Control & Robotics - High Tech Services
Industry Articles  -
Technical Papers - Robotics Online
Industrial robot - Wikipedia
Industrial Robots and Robot System Safety - OSHA
Industrial Robots - LearnAboutRobots
About Industrial Robots -GlobalSpec
Learn More - University of Texas at Austin
Risk Assessment - ST Robotics


Variable Frequency Drives

Selection and Application of Variable Frequency Drives - Toshiba
The Effect of Variable Speed Modulation Schemes on Motors - Toshiba

Line Reactors & AC Drives - Allen Bradley
Basics of Motors and Drives - W. Stebbins - Energy & Power Management
Basics of AC Drives - Siemens (Online Course)
Drive & Motor Basics - Allen Bradley
IEEE-519 Harmonic Specifications - Automation Direct

Adjustable Speed Drive Selection and Application
- W. Stebbins - Energy & Power Management
Harmonic Mitigation in AC Drives
- R. Hoadley (Rockwell Automation) - Sept. 2006 - Control Engineering
A Comparison of AC and DC Drives From a User's Perspective - Drives Magazine
Considerations for the Use of AC Induction Motors on Variable Frequency Controllers in High Performance Applications - Industrial Electrical & Maintenance

Adjustable Speed Drives - What They Are, How They Work - Joliet Technologies
Guide to Harmonics with AC Variable Frequency Drives - Joliet Technologies
IGBTs - Joliet Technologies
Drives 101 by Danfoss. A series of tutorials covering the basics of theory and application of variable frequency drives.
Adjustable Frequency Drives with Exam - Eaton

Adjustable Frequency Drive Frequently Asked Questions - Lesson
Variable Frequency Drives -
Variable Frequency Drive - Wikipedia
Adjustable Speed Drives - ASIRobicon/Power Transmission Design
Variable Frequency Drives - J. Shumberg - Drive Systems Inc.

Medium Voltage VFD for Induction & Sychronous Motors - R. Osman - ASIRobicon
Comparison of Popular Medium Voltage Motor Drives - R. Osman - ASIRobicon
Common-Mode Motor Voltage w/ Current Source Drives - ASIRobicon
Variable Frequency Drives - Alliant Energy
How to Maintain a Variable Frequency Drive - D. Polka - Cement Americas


VFD Control Techniques

Which Drive Is the Right One? - How to choose between inverter, vector and servo drives. - Design News
NEMA Application Guide for AC Adjustable Speed Drive Systems - IEEE
Flux Vector Drive Review & Update - L. Lambruschi -
Basic Types of Sensorless Control - NW Motion Products
Sensorless Flux Vector Control of AC and Brushless DC Motors - K. Konecny - NW Motion Products

Volts/Hertz Ratio -Wisc Online
Volts/ Hertz - Siemens
Sensorless Vector Technology - Electrical Business/Allen Bradley
Space Vector PWM - Cerus Industrial
Pulse Width Modulated AC Drives - Allen Bradley


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