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  March 9, 2008 - New Links Added This Week  
Fibre Optic Sensors
The Fibre Optical Sensors - Sensorland
Optical Fibre Sensors... The Other Optical Revolution - Colin Fitzpatrick - University of Limrick
Introduction to Fibre Optic Temperature Sensors - Capgo
Measuring with Light Part 2: Fiber-Optic Sensing—From Theory to Practice - P. Fuhr, Apprion Inc. - Sensors
Fibre Optic Sensors - Cochin University of Science & Technology
Fibre optics to conquer undersea exploration -
Sensitive Chemical Optical Sensor UsingBirefringent Pourous Glass for the Detection of Volatile Organic Compounds - Fiso
Ultra-miniature all-glass Fabry-Pérot pressure sensor manufactured at the tip of a multimode optical fiber - Fiso
Temperature and pressure fiber optic sensors applied to minimally invasive diagnostics and therapies - Fiso
Fiber Optic Thermometer Vendors -
An Introduction to Fiber-Optic Sensors - Sensors
Fibre Optic Sensor Technology - ISIS Canada
Field Assessment of Fibre-Optic Bragg Grating Strain Sensors in the Confederation Bridge - NRC


Let it Flow - June 2005 - Intech
The DP Flowmeter Market - Flow Research Inc
Safety Related Control Systems - STI

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