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Your people skills and work habits are as important as you technical skills! Just ask your colleagues, customers, or boss!


Be a Good Boss - Canadian Consulting Engineer /October/ November 2007 - Tips on bringing out the best in your staff

Going For the Grants - How educators can find funding for educational resources. - Pasco

Communications 101: An Engineer's Primer - H. Flink - Parker Fluid Control/Control Engineering

Injoy - John Maxwell

Web tools to help you improve your persuasive techniques - R. Kratowicz -

Improving people skills via the Web - R. Kratowicz -

Choosing the Right Contract / D. Willard in Chemical Processing . A man of experience discusses contracting methods. Remember, financial success on a project may make or break your future!

Workday Control - Canadian Consulting Engineer / August-September, 2006 - Good suggestions for handling those daunting, time consuming tasks at work. It will help you go home sooner, with your work done!

Conflicts: Dealing with Difficult People - Canadian Consulting Engineer - Bruce Lee -Jan/Feb. 2005 - Practical suggestions for understanding difficult people and dealing positively with them

Online Technical Writing - D. McMurrey

Become a More Efficient Employee - Chemical Processing - Sandy Baker, P.E., Feb./05. Manage your time more effectively so you have more to do the things you want. Eliminate and identify the time wasters. Plan for success! This article is definitely worth your time

Five Secrets to Avoiding Workplace Interruptions - Machine Design/Penton - D. Collie, Mar. 2005


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