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Glossary of Machine Safety Terms
- Banner Engineering
Safety Certification Organizations

Regulatory Agencies and Compliance Requirements
Directory of International Safety Certification Organizations - Moore Industries



Safety Instrumented Systems



SIS Design Basis Revalidation - Kenexis
SIL 101: How Safe Do I need to be?
- General Monitors
Functional Safety and Safety Integrity Levels - Bentley Nevada
Guidance Note For Environmental Safety Instrumented Systems - Chemical Processing/Envirosil

Safety Instrumented Systems - IDC Technologies
Selecting Transmitters for Safety Instrumented Systems - IDC Technologies
The Safety Instrumented Function: An S-Word Worth Knowing -Bill Mostia Jr., PE - ControlGlobal
Safety Instrumented Systems - Emerson Process Management
Methods of Determining Safety Integrity Level (SIL) Requirements
- 4 Sight Consulting/Chemical Processing - W. Gulland

SIS - Safety Instrumented Systems - Invensys
Safety Instrumented Systems -
Resources - Kenexis - Numerous articles and tools
Safety Instrumented Systems - W. Mostia Jr. from Exida provide a very good slide presentation
Process Safety Management - AcuTech
Introduction to Layer of Protection Analysis - A. Summers - SIS Tech/Journal of Hazardous Materials


Safety Light Curtains
Glossary of Light Curtain Terminology - Schmersal
Light Curtains - STI
Safety Light Curtains: Theory & Operations - STI
Light Curtain Frequently Asked Questions - STI
Muting Safety Light Curtains - Schmersal
Safety Guide: World Standards & Safety Light Curtain Setup Tips - Keyence
Safety Light Curtains - Allen Bradley
Light curtains improve machine safety and productivity - Plant Engineering - R. Wood
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  Intrinsic Safety  
What is Intrinsically Safe? - Stealth Computer
Intrinsic Safety Attitudes: A Mixed Bag
- Cole Parmer
A User's Guide to Intrinsic Safety
Applying Intrinsic Safety - Futek

Hazardous Area Equipment Operational Guidelines - Dron & Dickson (Navigate between pages by using the "Next Page" icon at the bottom of the web page or using the drop down menu under Technical Tables in the crossbar at the top of the page.)

Hazardous Location Glossary - Cooper Crouse Hinds
Intrinsically safe video - Turck
Zoneaphobia (Answers to your Hazardous Location Questions) - Cooper Crouse Hinds

Intrinsic Safety Basic Principles - G.M. International Safety
Intrinsically Safe - Cooper Crouse-Hinds
The Art of Intrinsic Safety -Ronan
The Earthing of Zener Barrier Installations - RTK Instruments
Zener Barriers or Isolation Interfaces? - RTK Instruments

Hazardous Area Reference Chart - Cooper Crouse-Hinds
Table of Standards - Pepperl + Fuchs
Intrinsically safe video - Turck (Cool 5 minute promotional video demonstrating intrinsic safety complete with explosions)
Cables for IS Installations - RTK Instruments
Hazardous Location Ratings - SOR Inc

Explosion Proof/Intrinsically Safe - Setra
Intrinsic Safety - Omega
Intrinsic Safety - FloBiz
Basic Techniques of Intrinsically Safe Circuit Assessment - Epsilon
Intrinsic Safety Attitudes: A Mixed Bag - Cole Parmer

Intrinsic Safety - IAEA
Intrinsic Safety and Hazardous Locations - RAE Systems
Applying Intrinsic Safety - STI
Guide to Hazardous Locations - STI
Understanding Instrumentation T Ratings - FCI

Technical Summary of Class I, II and III Hazardous (classified) Locations - Underwriters Laboratories Inc. - A summary of technical issues relating to hazardous location classifications in the United States, Canada, Europe, and elsewhere. If you deal with hazardous locations, this site is a great resource.

Purge & Pressurization Systems: An alternative for hazardous installations - Process West /Pepperl+Fuchs - Winter 2004 - A discussion of purging and pressurization systems for use in hazardous locations


Intrinsic Safety Barriers

Intrinsic Safety Basic Principles - GM International Safety

The Basics of Intrinsic Safety - RTK Instruments

Uwhat - Understanding IS Terminology - RTK Instruments


Manufacturers - Intrinsic Safety Barriers

GM International Safety
R. Stahl
Rockwell Automation
Phoenix Contact
RTK Instruments
You say FISCO, and I say FNICO
- K. Russelburg - Control Design
The intrinsically safe fieldbus has arrived - Dr. D. Rizzo - Chemical Processing
Power to the bus - B. Schuessler - ISA

FISCO, FNICO plug in - E. Fussell - ISA
Foundation Fieldbus Forum
FISCO simplifies application of explosion protection standards - SA Instrumentation & Control
Fieldbus Non-Incendive Fieldbus Systems - MTL
Beyond FISCO – a new advancement for intrinsically safe fieldbus applications - Plant Serivces

The High Power Alternative to FISCO & FNICO - Pepperl & Fuchs
Fieldbus Non-Incendive Concept takes FISCO into Zone 2 and Division 2 hazardous areas - Foundation Fieldbus End Users Council Australia
COLUMNBUS: Tips to help you select fieldbus sensors - I. Verhappen - Manufacturing Automation


  Leak Detectors  

Glossary - American Gas & Chemical Co.
Leak Testing Primer - G. Anderson/American Gas & Chemical Co.
Leak Detection Solutions - American Gas & Chemical Co.
Leak Detection - U.S. Department of Transportation
See Also Gas Detection
Arc Flash Analysis

What is Arc Flash?
- Mike Holt Enterprises
Arc Flash - Wikipedia
Short Circuit Fault Current and Arc Flash Hazard Analysis Website -
Protection from Electric Shock & Arc Flash - Seton
Video of Arc Flash Incident - Magna Electric
Arc Flash Solutions - Emerson Process Measurement
Arc Flash Hazards - Aliant Energy
Arc Flash Resource Center - EasyPower
Electrical Arc Energy Calculations - Cadick Corporation
Flash Protection Marking - Cadick Corporation
Electrical Hazard Analysis - D. Neitzel - AVO/Electrical Training Institute
Arc Flash Info Center - Ferrax Shawmut
Fast Facts on Arc Flash Safety - Power Safety Pro
What is an Arc Flash - Arc Flash Engineering
  Alarm Management  

Alarms Management – Priority, Floods, Tears or Gain? - W. Smith, C. Howard & A. Foord/4-sight Consulting 2003
Alarm Management Library - TiPS Inc.
The Cost/Benefit of Alarm Management - PAS
A Path Forward for DCS Alarm Management - P. Grosdidier -PAS
Process Control Systems and Associated Alarm Functions - Health & Safety Executive (UK Government)

Signal Processng and Alarm Handling in Process Control - J. Ahnlund - Lund Universiy
Alarm Reduction in Industrial Process Control - J. Ahnlund - Lund University
Alarm Trips, The Ups & Downs - Moore Industries/
Applied Alarm Management Using the Familiar Sigma SIx Approach - C. Wilson - TiPS
Alarm Management Solutions -TiPS

  General Safety  

Machine Safety Terms - Banner Engineering
Ingress protection - Binder USA
Hazardous Location Guide
- The Valve Shop
What is Atex

Hazardous Area Installations - The European Atex Directive - Bentley Nevada
Gas Levels - Net Safety Monitoring
Suitability of Control Valves for Usage in Safety Integrity Levels according to IEC 61508 - A. Muschet - FlowServe
Hazardous Area Classifications - SearchEng
NEMA/IPClassifications - Indukey
Toxic Gas Detectors - General Monitors
North American Electrical Approvals (1997) - Wika
Gas Monitoring for Ventilation Control and Energy Management - EMNET
Selecting Gas Detectors For Confined Space Entries - R. Humphry & T.Morrison - Canadian Safety Equipment Inc/Safetyscope/ENMET
CO Detectors Applied to Ventilation Systems - C. Reeves - EMNET
Methods of Determining Safety Integrity Level (SIL) Requirements - W. Gulland/4-sight Consulting
Industrial Safety Systems with Redundant Communications Networks - T. Pipitone - General Monitors
Infrared Technology for Fail-To-Safe Hydrocarbon Gas Detection - S. Baliga - Geneal Monitors
Process Safety What are the Odds? - Control Engineering - D. Harrold - April 2005
Guide to Atmospheric Testing in Confined Spaces - RAE
Laser Safety Classifications - Balluff
Safety Standards for Test Equipment - Fluke
Safety Considerations When Selecting Digital Meters - Fluke

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