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Data Acqusition Glossary - United Electronic Industries
Signal Conditionaing & Data Acqisition Glossary - Memsic
Microcontroller Glossary - Freescale



Data Acquisition, I/O & Signal Conditioning - High Tech Services
Microcontroller Interfacing
- Jonathan Westhues
Sampling: What Nyquist Didn't Say, and What to Do About It - T. Wescott - Wescott Design Services
Sigma-delta techniques extend DAC resolution - By T. Wescott - June 2004 - Embedded Systems Design

Critical Technologies in Front-End Signal Conditioning Systems - National Instruments
Introduction to Data Acquisition - National Instruments
High-Speed Digitizers Tutorial - National Instruments
Strain Gauge Signal Conditioning - Dataforth
Analog Fundamentals - A series of tutorials covering sampling techniques, ground loops, isolation, measurements, and much more - National Instruments

An Introduction to Sampling Theorm - National Semiconductor
Is Electrical Interference Crippling Your Control System? - A. Holland - Holland Technical Skills/Eurotherm
Simple digital filter cleans up noisy data - R. Rice - EDN
High-Voltage Measurements and Isolation - National Instruments
Signal Conditioning Fundamentals for Computer-Based Data Acquisition Systems - National Instruments

Why use isolated transmitters for non-grounded RTD applications? - Mescon Technologies
Defusing the DA Time Bomb - D. Lankford, Daytronic Corp
Data Sampling - Pegasus Technologies
Advanced Measurements: A Postgraduate Tutorial
- Keithley - M. Cejur/D. Cigoy
Advanced Measurements (Part 2) - Keithley - M. Cejur/D. Cigoy

Principles of Data Acquistition and Conversion - Texas Instruments/Burr Brown
Transactions in Measurement and Control: Data Acquisition - Omega
Industrial Signal Conditioning, A Tutorial - Dataforth
Why Use Isolated Signal Conditioners - Dataforth
Common Mode Voltage - Dataforth

Digital Multimeter Measurement Techniques and Definitions - National Instruments - A discussion of normal and common mode signals and rejection ratios, thermal voltages,dielectirc absorption and other issues affecting accuracy of measurement systems.
Filtering in Signal Conditioning Modules - Dataforth
Phase Angles and Time Delays - Dataforth
Interleaving Analog-to-Digital Converters - Texas Instruments/Burr Brown


Digital Signal Processing

Digital Signal Processing Terms
- DSP Guru
Digital Signal Processing Tutorials - DSP Guru

Digital Signal Processing Tutorial - Radio Electronics (A good introductory article)
Digital signal processing - Wikipedia
The Scientist and Engineer's Guide to Digital Signal Processing - S. Smith - - An entire DSP book online!
Digital Signal Processing - DSP Tutor - Dr. Iain A Robin

Introduction to DSP - Bores
Advanced DSP - Bores
Mixed Signal and DSP Design Techniques - Analog Devices - Another entire downloadable book
Understanding Digital Signal Processing: Periodic Sampling - R. Lyons - Prentice Hall
Signal Processing Application Stories & Tutorials - Prosig


Electronic Filters

Digital Filter Terminology - R. G. Lyons/Addison Wesley Longman Inc - DSP Guru
Glossary of Filter Terms - Frequency Devices
Electronic Filter - Wikipedia
Design Guide from Frequency Devices - Frequency Devices

LC Filters - I. Purdie
Linear Filter - Wikipedia
Filter Design Downloads - WebEE
Filter design software - Charles Poynton
Filter Design & Analysis - Circuit Sage

Digital Filters: An Introduction - Digital Signal Processing
Types of Electronic Filters -
Filter Type Selection Guide - Aligator Technologies
Difference Between Filter Types - Sabritec
Filters Overview - Radio
See Also Digital Signal Processing

What Designers Should Know About Data Converter Drift - Texas Instruments/Burr Brown
Errors, What are they and How Bad Can They Be? - Dataforth
Interpreting Drift Specifications - Dataforth

Ground Loops

Understanding Ground Loops - BAPI
Avoiding Ground Loops -BAPI
Stay Well Grounded - J. Titus, - Design News, Oct. 9, 2006
Ground loop problems and how to get rid of them -
A Ground Loop Primer - L. Perkins - Wilkerson Instrument Co.
What is a Ground Loop - Bransom Instrument

What is a Ground Loop - Absolute Process Instruments
Ground Loop and Returns - National Instruments
Understanding Ground Loops - Capgo
How Ground Loops Can Cripple Your Control System - A.Holland - Process Heating
Ground loop problems and how to get rid of them - GB Audio
Grounding, Shielding, & Interference

Surge Protection Devices - RS Components
Noise & Interference - National Institute of Technology Calicut
How to Apply Digital Instrumetnation in Severe Noise Environments - Honeywell

Common Mode Noise - Pulse Engineering
Surge Protection Application Notes - MTL
Analog-to-Digital Converter Grounding Practices Affect System Performance - Texas Instruments/Burr Brown
Shielding & Grounding Electrical Panels - Ormec

Interference Generation and Compatibility - Opto 22
Operational Interference and Noise - Opto 22
Grounding and Wiring Practices - Opto 22
Grounding, Shielding, Noise, and Compatibility - Opto 22
Shield Grounding - Dataforth

Wiring For Trouble Free Signal Conditioning - Wilkerson Instrument Co. - J. Wilkerson
Field Wiring and Noise Considerations for Analog Signals - National Instruments
Transient Voltage Protection for Solid State Controls - McGoff-Bethune/Payne Engineering
Lightning Protection: Protecting Communications Equipment in Substations - Utility Automation and Engineering/Positron Inc. - K. Siciliano - April 2005
Protecting Signal Lines Against Electromagnetic Interference - Dataforth


Surge Suppression

NTI Glossary of Electrical and Power Protection Terms
- Northern Technologies
Power Conditioning Glossary - SurgeX
Eaton's Guide to Surge Suppression - Eaton
The Clamping Game - LEA International
Filtering and Surge Suppression Fundamentals - Surge Control
Lightning Protection Guide - Dehn
Lightning & Surge Protection: Basic Principles - MTL
Lightning & Surge Suppression for Fieldbus Systems - MTL
Lightning Surge Protecton for Electronic Equipment - MTL
Location Categories for IEEE & IEC - Northern Technologies
How Surge Protectors Work - How Stuff Works
Fuse Confusion - LEA International
Suppression Components: Metal Oxide Varistors - Extreme Tech
Electromagnetic Shielding

EMC - Viv Cohen - Circuit Breaker Industries
Shielded Cables Tame Servo System EMI
- L. Stephens in Control Engineering - August, 2006
Electromagnetic Shielding -Wikipedia
Shielding & Guarding - Analog Devices
Introduction to Magnetic Shielding - Amuneal

Magnetic fields and electro magnetic shielding - Magnetic Shield Corp
Electromagnetic Shielding - AluLight
EMI Shielding - EMI Shielding
Electromagnetic Shielding Overview - aluMATTER
Electromagnetic Compatibility - Hoffman


Analog to Digital Convertors


A/D Converter - IKA
8-bit Digital to Analog converter(DAC) - IKA

ADC Architectures I: The Flash Converter - Analog Devices
ADC Architectures II: Successive Approximation ADCs - Analog Devices
ADC Architectures III: Sigma-Delta ADC Basics - Analog Devices

ADC Architectures IV: Sigma-Delta ADC Advanced Concepts and Applications - Analog Devices
ADC Architectures V: Pipelined Subranging ADCs - Analog Devices
ADC Architectures VI: Folding ADCs - Analog Devices
ADC Architectures VII: Counting ADCs - Analog Devices
ADC Architectures VIII: Integrating ADCs - Analog Devices

ABC's of ADC's - N. Gray - National Semiconductor
High Speed A/D Converter Designs: Layout & Interfacing Pitfalls - Datel / C&D Technologies
Analog-to-Digital Converter - Wikipedia
What the Nyquist Criterion Means to Your Sampled Data System Design - W. Kester - Analog Devices
Understanding Analog to Digital Converter Specifications - L. Staller -

Analog to Digital Conversion Simulation - Learning by Simulations
Sampling Theorm Simulation- Learning by Simulations
A/D converter -
Analog-to-Digital Conversion - Georgia State University
Analog-to-Digital Converters - S. Ball -
How Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC) Works - G. Torres - Hardware Secrets


  Instrumentation Amplifiers  

Instrumentation Amplifier
-National Semiconductor
The instrumentation amplifier - All About Circuits
Instrumentation amplifier - Wikipedia

3 Opamp Instrumentation Amplifier eCircuit Centre
A Practical Review of Common Mode and Instrumentation Amplifiers - E. Nash - Analog Devices - Sensors
The Instrumentation Amplifier - University of Vienna
About Instrumentation Amplifiers - GlobalSpec
A User's Guide to IC Instrumentation Amplifiers - J. Riskin -Analog Devices

Glossary of Terms
- Design Microchip
Pic Microcontrollers - V. Ryan -
PICmicro Tutorials - Design Microchip
Microcontroller - Wikipedia
How Microcontrollers Work - HowStuffWorks
Developing Embedded Systems - A Tools Introduction - Microcontroller Pros Corp
Motorola 68HC11 Microcontroller - Harry Broeders
Microcontroller Primer FAQ - Russ Hersch

How Motes Work
- How Stuff Works
Intel Mote - Intel
Smart Dust - Dust Networks
MICA: The Commercialization of Microsensor Motes - Sensors
Smartdust -Wikipedia

Mica Motes - Syracuse University
Tiny Agents - Universiy of Newcastle
Cots Dust - BSAC
Intel's Tiny Hope for the Future - Wired Magazine
Bringing the Information Revolution to the Physical World - Dust Networks


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