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Valve Glossary - Tecknocraft Inc.
Valve Terminology - Cashco
Glossary - Lee
Glossary - Acro
Glossary - Teknocraft
Glossary of Terms - Zy-Tech
Glossary of Valve and related Terms - DeZurik

Glossary - The
Glossary of Terms - Valve


Valve Tools, Tables, and Calculators

Valve Sizing Calculator - ASCO
Valve Sizing Calculator
- A-T Controls
Valve Sizing
- Sansom
Calculation Programs - Coax

Flow Rate Convertor - Teknocraft
CvCalcs - Esco Engineering
Flow Coefficient Cv - Hayward
Chemical Resistance Tables - Hayward
Valve Material Selection Software - DeZurik

Valve Sizing - Spirax Sarco
 Dry Saturated Steam

Corrosion Resistance Tables - Baars


Online Valve Magazines, Tutorials, & Portals

Control Valve Handbook -Fisher Controls - This is an excellent valve reference manual, a must download!

Introduction to Pneumatics - Fluid Power Educational Foundation/Clippard

Masoneilan Products Course - Masoneilan

Valve Magazine



Cavitation in Control Valves - Sampson
Are smart positioners the answer to all valve problems
- M. Bown - SA Instrumentation & Control

Valve Notes
- Roymech
Control Valves
- Our Instrument
Types of Valves - Our Instrument
Types of Valves - YesYen (Select from list of downloads)
Game on Valves - YesYen (Select from list of downloads)
Control Valve Actuator Options - G. Ritz - CCI

Control Valve Fail Safe Positions - Cashco
Control Valve Flow Characteristics - Cashco
Final Control Elements - Control Valves - PAControl
Cavitation in Control Valves
- Samson

Seat Leakage Classifications
- Cashco
Control Valve Packing - Cashco
Valve Tips & Tricks - Cashco
Control Valve Technical Specification - Control Components Inc
Control Valves Do What They Are Told! - Cashco

Stiction Problem
- Top Control
Get full value from partial stroking / P. Gruhn - Chemical Processing / March 2007 - A discussion of partial stroking valves in safety instrumented systems
Guidelines for Application of Control Valves
Control Valve Selection
Fluid Dynamics - Asahi

Valve Sizing and Selection Technical Reference - Warren Controls
How to Select Valve Actuators for Rotary Valves - SFV Flow Controls
Leakage Classifications of Control Valves - SFV Flow Controls
Troubleshooting Electric Rotary Valve Actuators - SFV Flow Controls
Troubleshooting Pneumatic Rotary Valve Actuators - SFV Flow Controls

Control Valves - Spirax Sarco
Safety Valves - Spirax Sarco
Valve, Actuator, and Accessory Selection Guide - The
Common Types of Valves and Actuators - Valves and Actuators Online
Control Valve Cavitation - Control Engineering - Jan. 2005 - J. Shahda


Solenoid Valves

Solenoid Valve Glossary - Valcor

About Solenoid Valves - Global Spec
The What, How, Where and Why of Solenoid Valves - Plast-O-Matic

The Source Book of North American Valve, Actuator, and Control Manufacturers - Valve Manufacturers Association of America

Following are some popular manufacturers. If you know of others you would like to add, please contact us

* Indicates manufactuer received Control Magazine's Reader's Choice Award. Please refer to the complete survey in Control Magazine, Jan 2005).


* Limitorque  
* Rotork  
* Emerson Process - Fisher Controls  
* Flowserve - Valtek  
* Beck  



Valve Positoners

About Valve Positioners
-Global Spec
Valve Positioners - Cashco
Direct-Acting and Reverse-Acting Positioners - Cashco

Positioners - Spirax Sarco
Introduction To Valve Positioners - Cancoppas Ltd
How to select control valves, Part 3 - B. Lipták - Control Global
The next generation of smarter valves – Part 2 - B. Lipták - Control Global
Control valve technology - S. Hagen - Plant Services


Self Powered Regulators - Samson
Choosing the Proper Regulator for High Purity Applications - B. Menz - Swagelok

Regulators - Emerson Process Management




Stiction: The Hidden Menace
- Expertune
How To Measure And Combat Valve Stiction On Line - Expertune/Top Control
Reduce Valve Stiction and Dramatically Increase Controlability - Top Control
Valve Stiction - Pall Corporation
Modelling Valve Stiction - University of Alberta
A Curve Fitting Method for detecting valve stiction in oscillatory control loops - University of Texas
Valve Stiction Problem Cured by Soft Particle Removal - M. Beesley -Noria
A Simple Test to Confirm Control Valve Stiction - University of Alberta/University College London
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