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How to Make Accurate Resistance Measurements - Keithley
Four Steps to Precision Measurements - Keithley

Tektronix Fundamentals University
- Tektronix - Tutorials and demos for oscilloscopes, logic analyzers, signal generators, and video test, teaching aides plus a bit of humor
Keys for Effective Troubleshooting - W. Rhude - Feed Forward Publications
Verifying Flowmeter Accuracy - G. Livelli - Flow Control Network

Hydraulic Troubleshooting
- Hydraulic
Hydraulic Systems Safety - Colorado State Universiy
Guidelines for Handling Water Damaged Electrical Equipment -
Electrical Tricks of theTrade
- Electricians Tool Box
Voltage Issues - J. Fetters - Energy & Power Management
Industrial Electrical Troubleshooting - L. Bush - Industrial Training Inc.

Free Maintenance Management Software Downloads - Plant Maintenance Resource Center
Glossary of Terms -Gems Sensors
Understanding Linearity - Sensorland
Keys for Effective Troubleshooting - Simutech Multimedia
How to Troubleshoot like an Expert – a Systematic Approach - W. Rhude - Simutech Multimedia

Thermocouple Tables - Temperature Sensors
RTD Test methods - Analysis & Measurement Services Corporation
Maintenance Articles -
Reference Tools -
Resources for Maintenance and Reliability Professionals - Reliability


Terminology and Definitions - Waters
Calibration Quality Assurance - Transcat
Resolution, Accuracy, and Repeatability - Aerotech Inc
Five Factors That Can Affect Your Weighing System's Accuracy - Hardy Instruments
LCSR Method for In-Situ Response Time Testing of RTDs - AMS
On site flow calibration is painful but necessary - D. Spitzer - ControlGlobal
Accurate temperature calibration - European Process Engineer Magazine
Load Cell Calibration - Honeywell

Calibration Calisthenics - M. Cable - Intech
Calibrating HART Transmitters - PAControl
Pressure Transducer Application Note 2 - Texas Instruments
Calibration - Wikipedia
Signal Conditioning: Getting the most for your money - Acromag

How Accurate are Dial Indicator Readings? - Ludeca
The accuracy of a sensor -Sensorland
Deadweight Testers - Transcat
Dry Block Calibrators - Transcat
Hart Transmitter Calibration - Transcat
Harmonic Mitigation


Harmonics Guide - Emerson Industrial Automation

A Power Quality Primer - J. Fetters - Energy & Power Management
Power Quality and Harmonics - J. Wagonner - Energy & Power Management
Guide to Harmonics - Staco Energy
Harmonic Mitigation for AC Variable Frequency Pump Drives - I. Evans - World Pumps/NSOEM
Interpreting IEEE Std 519 and Meeting its Harmonic Limits in VDD Applicaions - T. Hoevenaars, K. Ledoux, M. Colosino - Harmonic Solutions Co.

Harmonic Mitigation Specifications for VFDs - Energy management Corporation
Engineering Recommedations G5/G4 (United Kingdom) - Gambica
Reducing Harmonic Distortion - I. Evans - Mirus International
The Awnser to Harmonics: Is it mitigation or a robust transformer? - EC & M
A New Solution for Harmonics Generated by Variable Speed Drives - T. Hoevenaars - Power Quality

Performance of Harmonic Mitigation Alternatives - MTE Corporation
Smoother waveforms - G. Zenke and B. Hachey - Plant Services
Applying Low Voltage Harmonic Filters: Revisited - B. Prokuda - Keewatin Power Systems Inc
The 3rd Harmonic Blocking Filter -M. Lowenstein - IAEI
Harmonic Mitigating Transformers - Schneider Electric




Thermography - Wikipedia
Infrared Thermography – Physical Basics - InfraTec
IRINFO - A thermography information portal

Basic Thermography 101 - Institute of Infrared Thermography
Infrared Predictive Maintenance - Snell Infrared
Thermal Imaging Infrared Camera Image Gallery - Flir
Infrared Applications - Infraspection Institute
Infraspection Institute Guidelines - Infraspection Institute

IR - Learning - UKTA
What's your IR IQ? - J. Snell - Reliable Plant
IR Articles - UKTA
Image Gallery - Academy of Infrared Training
Articles on Thermography
- Plant Maintenance Resource Center


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